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August 1, 1978

TELEGRAM 066.808 from the Romanian Embassy in Pyongyang to the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

This document was made possible with support from ROK Ministry of Unification

TELEGRAM 066.808


To: the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (to comrade Deputy Foreign Minister Constantin Oancea; to comrade Director Vasile Sandru)

From: the Romanian Embassy in Pyongyang


Date: August 1st, 1978


We would like to inform you that the August 1st issue of Nodong Sinmun newspaper, under the title ‘We must increase our vigilance and prepare for war’, is publishing ample excerpts from the article with the same title published in the 8th issue of the Chinese newspaper The Red Flag, signed by the Chinese Defense Minister.


[The following remarks were published]: ‘the forces which can trigger a world war are the USSR and the US’, ‘the hegemonic position of US imperialists weakened, while the USSR morphed from a socialist country to a social-imperialist country,’ ‘the USSR is on the offensive while the US is on the defensive in their struggle for the division of the world [into spheres of influence,]’etc.


We would like to add that it is the second time this year that the Korean press published [excerpts] from the Chinese press whose contents criticize the USSR.


We will continue to look into this matter.



Victor Nanu


The Romanian Embassy in Pyongyang reports that, for a second time in 1978, the DPRK has published excerpts critical of the USSR from the Chinese press.


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Archive of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (AMAE), Folder 782/1978, Matter 220/F, Relations between North Korea and Socialist Countries (Czechoslovakia, China, Cuba, GDR, Yugoslavia, USSR), January-December 1978. Obtained and translated for NKIDP by Eliza Gheorghe.


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