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July 29, 1954

Telegram #498 from K. Novikov to V. M. Molotov

SECRET, Copy #___
29 July 1954





I present for your examination proposals regarding questions touched upon by Pham Van Dong during his discussion with me on 27 July:

1.  Regarding the travel of Hoang Van Hoan, Ho Van Lo and others to Delhi in order to participate at the Conference on the work of international commissions on observation and inspection.

These comrades cannot arrive in Delhi by August 1st, since it will take several days to receive transit visas to travel to India through Europe.  Moreover, for the airplane travel through Rome will take, judging from experience, 5-7 days.  Thus, under the best scenario, the aforementioned comrades will be able to arrive in Delhi only by 7-10 August.

Given these circumstances, one of two steps can be undertaken:

1) Ask the Indian government to move the conference to 7-10 August.  We can expect that this request will be given an unfavorable reception, since it would bring delay to the establishment of the international commissions.

2) The Vietnamese comrades should urgently prepare their proposals on the question of international commissions (the location of the commissions, the number of commission members, the ranks of the representatives to the commissions, the number of inspection brigades, the number and ranks of representatives of the three countries in these commissions, general secretariats and so on) and relay these proposals to the Polish comrades with the request to support them at the conference in Delhi.  

The DRV embassy in Moscow should undertake urgent measures to send Hoang Van Hoan, Ho Van Lo and others to Delhi.  It is possible that these comrades will be able to arrive in Delhi towards the end of the conference.

2.  Regarding the provision of ships for the transport of DRV forces from the southern to the northern zone of Vietnam.

It appears inexpedient to provide Soviet ships for this purpose.  A recommendation could be made to the DRV to try to charter ships from India, France or England or from other capitalist countries.  Possibly, Poland would also be able to provide its ships.  The charter can be realized through PRC companies.  

3.  Regarding the dispatch of a Soviet military advisor group to Vietnam.

It appears sensible to send such a group to Vietnam in the nearest future.  Yesterday, for example, the DRV Assistant Defense Minister, Ta Kuang Byu, asked General F. A. Fedenko to assist the DRV in the maintenance and operation of large airports, which in the near future will come under DRV control.  In addition, in implementing the cease-fire agreement, numerous questions will arise, with which the DRV will need our advice.  In order to avoid any kind of difficulties arising with Chinese comrades, this group of Soviet military advisors should be immediately dispatched as employees of the USSR military attaché to the DRV.

4.  Regarding assistance to the Vietnamese comrades in the drafting of a plan to fulfill the economic needs of the DRV.

Inform Pham Van Dong that we will provide all types of assistance to the DRV with respect to shipments of needed goods at moderate prices both from the USSR and from countries of people’s democracy.







1- to com. Molotov
2- to com. Zorin
3- to file


Telegram from K. Novikov discusses proposals regarding questions by Pham Van Dong. Proposals regarding travel of Hoan Van Hoan, Ho Van Lo and others to Delhi for conference; the provision of ships for transporting Democratic Republic of Vietnam forces from southern zone to northern zone of Vietnam; the dispatch of a Soviet military advisor group to Vietnam; and assistance to Vietnamese for drafting a plan to fulfill economic needs of the DRV.

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AVPRF, fond 06, opis 13a, papka 35, delo 156; translated for CWIHP by Daniel Rozas.


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