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October 7, 1980

Telegram from the Hungarian Embassy in Pyongyang, 'The KWP’s 6th Congress'

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PYONGYANG, 80. 10. 07.


Created by Ki 08.45

Checked by [unknown signature]




Subject: The KWP’s 6th Congress


According to my opinion, after discussing with other local friendly mission leaders, the articles published in the local party press indirectly contain the following messages:


1)  The whole history of the party indicates that only the direction of Kim Il Sung was flawless.


2)  Indirect criticism towards the Marxist-Leninist parties and movements.


They will organize their current views around the juche concept into one during the 6th Congress. They wish to legitimize the KWP’s policy by the presence of a large number of highly ranked guests.


Local friendly mission leaders expect a meaningful answer only in the question of succession. It is worth mentioning that the editor in chief of the Rodong Sinmun told the leader of Pravda’s recently visiting delegation: the classical figures of Marxism made a mistake when they did not address the issue of a proper succession of their cause.


This problem will be solved by Comrade Kim Il Sung, by learning from the mistakes of others, in a satisfactory manner. Kim Gi-nam editor in chief has already stated on multiple occasions that Kim Jong Il will be elected as the secretary general of the KWP.


– 1–7 –


To be seen by

Comrade Szabó F.


Seen by

Comrade Bényei

Comrade Rátkai

A report on the articles published in the North Korean press which show absolute support for Kim Il Sung.

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MNL OL XIV-J-1-j Korea 25-001140/1980. Obtained by North Korean Materials Archive, IFES, Kyungnam University, and translated by Imre Májer.


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