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October 15, 1976

Telegram from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Danish Diplomatic Missions Abroad

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15. October 1976


Approved by: Anders Georg


Sent: 15/10



Danish Embassy Berlin GDR 179

Danish Representative Brussels 573

Danish NATO Brussels 480

Danish Embassy Moscow 279

Danish Mission New York 761

Danish Embassy Beijing 262

Danish Embassy Stockholm 191

Danish Embassy Tokyo 278

Danish Embassy Washington 1142

Danish Embassy [illegible] Zurich 20

Danish Embassy Oslo 325

Danish Embassy Helsinki 115




For orientation it is hereby informed that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today, 16.00 Danish time, sent out the following press release:






A notice of sending the press release.


Document Information


Rigsarkivet, Udenrigsministeriet (0002), Journalsager gruppe 003-004 (1973-1988), 1567 (4 Q 110). Obtained by Charles Kraus and translated by August Mersyth.


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