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February 12, 1980

Telegram No. 146 from Brasília to Brazilian Embassy in Buenos Aires, 'Nuclear Energy. Brazil-Argentina Cooperation. Visit by President of CNEA'

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Telegram Urgent

To: Brazilian Embassy in Buenos Aires

Level: Secret

Distribution:  DSM/DAN-I

Subject: Nuclear Energy. Brazil-Argentina cooperation. Visit by President of CNEA.

Classification: 664.2(236)(829) SSO

Number: 146

Date: Feb 12th


Admiral Castro Madero, President of the Argentinian Atomic Energy Commission, officially visited Brazil from January 28thto 30th1980. The agenda included meetings with me and the Minister of Mines and Energy, visits to Nuclebrás’ uranium mine in Poços de Caldas, to NUCLEP’s facilities in Itaguaí, to Almirante Alvaro Alberto Nuclear Power Plant, and to CNEN [National Nuclear Energy Commission) – where after being welcomed by President [Hervásio de Carvalho], he walked through the Center for Nuclear Information (CIN) [and NUCLEN]. The visit finished with a final evaluation meeting in Rio de Janeiro, to which the Presidents of CNEN and Nuclebrás, and officials from the Ministries of Mines and Energy and Foreign Affairs were present. The visit had a cordial tone with Castro Madero and his entourage showing great interest in the Brazilian nuclear program. [Throughout his stay, the President of CNEA was accompanied by the Chief of DEM and a MME advisor]. Preliminary talks were held on the possibility of Brazil-Argentina Cooperation on nuclear affairs, and [at the end] the President of CNEA presented a list of [possible cooperation areas], which will be studied by the relevant authorities. He also talked about executing an agreement that would overview such cooperation, a suggestion that was noted and is under analysis. The press [had access to the visitor on] many occasions and tried [to get] from him more concrete information about a possible cooperation, especially regarding the possible NUCLEP supply of components to Atucha II Nuclear Power Plant. Both Castro Madero and Ambassador Nogueira Batista clarified that discussions are preliminary, to be later developed. At the end of the visit, Castro Madero invited the Presidents of CNEN, NUCLEBRAS and Furnas to visit Argentina, which is scheduled for March. It was a useful trip since it meshed CNEA officials with the main Brazilian authorities on nuclear affairs, and it may represent the beginning of mutually profitable relations on that matter for both countries.



Foreign Affairs


[1] Translator’s note: The handwritten parts of this document are signed with brackets.

The telegram reports the visit of Admiral Castro Madero to Brazil between 28 and 30 January 1980 and his meetings with the presidents of the National Nuclear Energy Commission, Nuclebrás, and with the representatives of the Ministries of Energy and Foreign Relations. During the meetings, they talked about possible areas of cooperation and the signature of an agreement.


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AHMRE. Critical Oral History Conference on the Argentine-Brazilian Nuclear Cooperation, Rio de Janeiro, March 2012.


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