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September 3, 1975

Telegram from the Romanian Embassy in Vienna to Deputy Minister V. Gliga

Telegram 073654

From the Romanian Embassy in Vienna

To comrade V. Gliga

Date: September 3, 1975

Classification: Secret


1. Up until now, our country’s support for the elections for the Board of Governors taking place at the 19th IAEA General Conference was requested by: Bangladesh, Chile, Denmark, the Philippines, Indonesia, Yugoslavia, Libya, Mexico, the Netherlands, Pakistan, and Poland.


The only issue regarding the candidacies for the Board of Governors are related to the uncertain position of the Middle East, South Asia, South-East Asia and the Pacific, and the Far East, region claimed by both Indonesia and Pakistan.


Indonesia has the South-East Asian countries’ support and Pakistan has the support of the Middle Eastern countries.


Indonesia believes it is being wronged as at the moment it is not a member of the Board. Pakistan stresses that, in the current situation (India is a member of the Board of Governors), Pakistan’s nuclear energy program is about to become operation, but the government encounters difficulties and discrimination in purchasing heavy water from Canada, the US, or the German Federal Republic.; it is vitally interested to have direct contact with the IAEA and continue being a member of the Board of Governors.


Each of the two countries is trying to convince the other one to give up in its favor. On the same topic, the contacts between Islamabad and Jakarta continue. Pakistan’s Ambassador informed us that he hopes the two countries will reach an agreement but does not exclude the possibility to decide [who should be on the Board] through voting at the General Conference.


We think that, in case a compromise will not be reached, the Romanian delegation should support Pakistan through secret vote.


2. We believe that our delegation should approve and take measures in order to secure a seat for our country in the Board of Governors at the next year session.


Please forward this telegram to comrade Ion Ursu, President of the State Committee for Nuclear Energy



D. Aninoiu

Regarding the countries on the board of governors of the IAEA.


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Archives of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Folder 5999/1975. Translated by Eliza Gheorghe.


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