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July 30, 1974

Telegram from the South Korean Ambassador to the United States Regarding the Second US Congressional Hearing on Korean

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Number: USW-07421 Date: 301500

To: Minister Reference (Copy)

From: Ambassador to the United States of America


Regarding WUS-07280


Today (July, 30th) at 11:30 in the morning, Minister Geun [Kun] Park had a conversation with Deputy Assistant Secretary Abramowitz who had been inaugurated earlier this morning. The Deputy Assistant Secretary has observed that an immediate and full-scale suspension of military provisions for Korea from Congress is unlikely unless there is another civil demonstration and the Korean government takes substantial measures in response. The Deputy Assistant Secretary will testify at the hearing this afternoon and the details of the speech are as follows […].


Attached :




Number: WUS-0826 Date: 021630

To: Ambassador to the United States of America

From: Minister


Regarding USW-06161 and United States Politics 772-2767


  1. Mr. Thomas J. Coolidge, Jr. had sent a message to His Excellency the President last July 22nd regarding the measures to acclimatize American public sentiment and to pursue understanding. In addition, he had arrived in the country the same day to illustrate the development progress and domestic circumstances of Korea to American congressmen and professors, so that the hearing proceeds in a direction that is beneficial to Korea.
  2. He is an American entrepreneur, a member of the Harvard Foundation, and also a linear descendent of the 30th president of the United States, Calvin Coolidge. Since 1958, he has lived in Korea for many years. He is known to have performed critical roles in behind the scene negotiations in the United States regarding the introduction of foreign capital to Korea.
  3. Review and report on the plan to get help from President Coolidge in our activities at U.S. Congress hearings, other activities for engaging Congress, as well as activities in American academia, including Harvard University. […].

The South Korean Ambassador to the United States of America reports to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the possible suspension of U.S. military provisions to South Korea. He attaches memo that discusses the mediating role of Thomas J. Coolidge, Jr. in American public sentiment and the South Korean government interests.

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South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs Archives.


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