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October 30, 1962

Telegram from Soviet Deputy Foreign Minister Kuznetsov to USSR Foreign Ministry (2) on the meeting with the UN delegate from Cuba

30 October 1962

On 29 October I received the permanent UN delegate from Cuba, Garcia-Inchaustegui. I welcomed him as representative of the courageous Cuban nation, which is self-sacrificingly standing up for its freedom and independence in its struggle with a powerful and dangerous enemy-- American imperialism.

I said that I considered it necessary to meet first of all with the Cuban delegate, and I expressed the hope that, in carrying out the task that stands before us both, we would work in close contact with our Cuban comrades, keeping each other informed and consulting with each other.

Garcia-Inchaustegui gratefully acknowledged the constant support offered to the Cuban nation by the Soviet Union, and said that the Cuban delegates in New York also constantly feel support from their Soviet comrades in their joint work in the United Nations Organization.

Garcia-Inchaustegui said that he had had a meeting with U Thant during which they discussed the latter's trip to Cuba. U Thant intends, after the negotiations in Havana, to leave General Rikhye behind in Cuba as his representative, along with a group of workers supposedly for continuing the negotiations with the Cuban government and for sustaining relations with the UN. The issue of leaving General Rikhye in Cuba will in Garcia-Inchaustegui's opinion be the subject of negotiations between U Thant and the Cuban government in Havana.

On the question of the most urgent matters to which, in his view, U Thant's attention should be given,

Garcia-Inchaust-egui said that the task of primary importance is the safeguarding of unhindered passage for vessels bound for Cuba and the lifting of the blockade. He has already spoken to U Thant about this, as well as with the delegates from other countries, especially the Afro-Asian countries.

Garcia-Inchaustegui said that the minister of foreign affairs Raul Roa would arrive in New York at the end of this week.



Kuznetsov sends the results of a meeting between himself and the Cuban Delegate to the UN, Garcia-Inchaustegui.

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Archive of Foreign Policy, Russian Federation (AVP RF), Moscow; copy obtained by NHK (Japanese Television), provided to CWIHP, and on file at National Security Archive, Washington, D.C.; translation by John Henriksen, Harvard University


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