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June 26, 1991

Virendra Dayal, 'Timing of Forthcoming Applications by DPRK and ROK to Join the United Nations'

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Mr. V.S. Safrochuk

Under-Secretary-General for Political and Security Council Affairs


26 June 1991





S/C De:



Virendra Dayal [signature]

Chef de Cabinet


Timing of forthcoming applications by DPRK and ROK to join the United Nations


You will have followed the announcements by the DPRK and by the ROK that they will each soon be applying for membership of the Organization.


In this connection, please see the attached note on the conversation that took place today between the Secretary-General and the Permanent Observer of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, specifically in regard to the timing of that state's forthcoming application for membership of the organization. Also attached is a confidential note to file of 13 June on the same subject.


While the timing of each of these applications is a matter for decision by the respective governments, both have now signalled to the secretariat that they would be interested in a measure of coordination in that regard.


You will observe that the secretary-General today told the Permanent observer of the DPRK that the Secretariat would be prepared to assist in this connection. /_ The ROK Mission was subsequently informed orally of this: Mr. Kavanagh told Mr. Oh._/


In light of the above, you may wish to be in touch with both Observer Missions with a view, to confirming their respective desires to coordinate the timing of their applications and to facilitating such an outcome with their cooperation.




This note indicates the two Koreas' shared desire to coordinate the timing of their forthcoming applications for membership. In light of this, Mr. Safronchuk is asked to be in touch with both Observer Missions.

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