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Kim, Yong-shik

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Popular Documents

August 7, 1953

Summary Record of the Conference held between President Rhee and Secretary Dulles (Third Session)

President Rhee and Secretary Dulles have concluded the final negotiations for the US-ROK defense pact and now both believe it is time to inform the American and Korean public. Rhee emphasizes that he will not accept Korean neutralization and it is imperative to remove the Chinese from the north. Dulles states that the US will do its best to unify Korea under one peaceful government and will try to remove the Chinese aggressors in the north.

November 3, 1955

Letter, Minister Yong Shik Kim [Kim Yong-shik] to Office of the President

Information on attached documents on implementation of Korea-Japan trade and unconfirmed report regarding custom clearance

March 8, 1972

Letters between Ahmet H. Ozbudun and C.V. Narasimhan

Ozbudun sends Narasimhan a letter on Mr. Marshall Green's visit to the ROK, the doubling of Japan-DPRK trade during 1972, ROK-DPRK Red Cross talks: 3th working committee meeting, and USSR-DPRK contacts.

June 5, 1973

Letters between Shail Upadhya and C.V. Narasimhan

Upadhya sends Narasimhan a report on ROK stance on the UN.

July 1, 1969

Letter, UN Chef de Cabinet C.V. Narasimhan to UNCURK Ambassador Kim Yong Shik, Concerning North Korean Infiltration

Chef de Cabinet of the United Nations C.V. Narasimhan acknowledges his receipt of an ROK government memorandum sent from ROK Ambassador to the United Nations Kim Yong Shik to Secretary-General of the United Nations U Thant. Kim's letter outlines North Korean infiltrations from 8 June 1969 to 14 June 1969 and the need to halt further actions which violate the Armistice Agreement.