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Saunders, Harold H. 1930- 2016

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Popular Documents

April 25, 1970

Memorandum of Conversation between Yitzak Rabin and Henry Kissinger

Rabin and. Kissinger discuss the Soviet's participation in the Egyptian Air Force, an increase in Egyptian air attacks on Israel, and potential American responses.

March 5, 1979

Memorandum for the Secretary from Harold Saunders and Thomas R. Pickering, 'A Strategy for Pakistan'

This is a memo authored by Thomas Pickering (Assistant Secretary of State for Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs) and Harold Saunders (Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs) pertaining to Pakistan's nuclear program. In the piece, Pickering and Saunders advocate a policy of the U.S. sending financial aid and arms to Pakistan, in order to assuage the country's security fears. Warren Christopher’s assistant Steve Oxman thought Pickering and Saunders were "dreaming" if they imagined the package would look like anything other than a bribe for Pakistan and if they believed Congress would permit such a package in the face of persuasive evidence of Pakistani nuclear ambitions

March 23, 1979

Action Memorandum to the Deputy Secretary from Anthony Lake, Harold H. Saunders, and Thomas R. Pickering, 'PRC Paper on South Asia'

This is an interagency Policy Review Committee paper prepared for Deputy Secretary of State, Warren Christopher. The piece explores possible short and long-term strategies for dealing with Pakistan's nuclear ambitions.

May 21, 1970

Memorandum for the Record, "Meeting of the NSC Special Review Group on the Middle East

Notes on an NSC Special Review Group, discussing the shift in balance and policy after the US commitment to supply aircraft to Israel.

December 30, 1969

Saunders, Memorandum for Dr. Kissinger: US-USSR Mid-East Talks - Where They Stand

Saunders summarizes the current American and Soviet positions towards negotiating points such as specificity of language, timing of withdrawal of troops, boundaries and demilitarized zones, refugees' right of return, and recognition of sovereignty. Saunders believes they have reached an impasse.