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Inter-Korean Relations after the War, 1954-1961

 This collection presents documents on inter-Korean relations from the end of the Korean War through the Park Chung Hee military coup. For collections focused on other chapters in the inter-Korean relationship, see Inter-Korean Competition, 1961-1970; Inter-Korean Dialogue, 1971-1972; Demise of Detente in Korea, 1973-1975; and Inter-Korean Dialogue, 1977-1980.

Popular Documents

April 1955

Information on the Situation in the DPRK

Soviet diplomats Fedorenko and Ponomarev report on a wide range of issues involving North Korea, including agriculture, industry, and economic conditions in the DPRK, relations with China and the Soviet Union, and the situation in South Korea.

January 17, 1955

Memo about the Situation in the DPRK

A memorandum dated 17 January 1955 about the overall ground situation of North Korea. Topics range from agriculture and industrialization, power output and Kim Il-Sung's Three-Year-Plan to foreign aid from the Communist Bloc, the domestic political situation of North Korea, and inter-Korean relations after the 1950-1953 war. The memorandum concludes with suggestions on Soviet policy in the region.

December 26, 1955

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (A Brief Memorandum)

A memorandum reviewing both Koreas' economic conditions and respective political makeups after the Korean War, and reconstruction efforts and agricultural shortages in North Korea.

May 2, 1960

Journal of Soviet Ambassador in the DPRK A.M. Puzanov for 2 May 1960

Kim Il Sung and Puzanov discuss events in South Korea, North Korea's Seven-Year Plan, Soviet-Korean relations, and Kim's health problems.

December 8, 1960

Journal of Soviet Ambassador in the DPRK A.M. Puzanov for 8 December 1960

Kim Il expresses gratitude on the statement of Soviet Union on the issue of the peaceful reunification of Korea. Kim Chang-man mentions the DPRK VNS proposals which stress the peaceful reunification of Korea sweeps through the South Korea. He also reports that the South Korea currently suffer a serious electricity shortage. Ri Gyo-sun says there will be a massive propaganda on DPRK VNS proposals planned to Japan.