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July 08, 1957


This document was made possible with support from the ROK Ministry of Unification, Leon Levy Foundation

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    Kim Il Sung and Puzanov discuss a meeting with representatives of the CPSU CC and SKYu CC, the American violation of the Korean Armistice agreement, and the Korean people's mixed reactions to the CPSU CC Plenum's June decision to expose factionalists and consolidate the party.
    "Journal of Soviet Ambassador to the DPRK A.M. Puzanov for 8 July 1957," July 08, 1957, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, AVPRF F. 0102, Op. 13, P. 72, Delo 5, Listy 131-145. Translated by Gary Goldberg.
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8 July 1957

I visited Kim Il Sung and informed him about the issue of holding a meeting of representatives of the fraternal Parties of the socialist countries (in accordance with Nº 1154/ts).

Kim Il Sung expressed his approval and complete agreement with the CPSU CC opinion about holding a meeting of CPSU CC and SKYu CC representatives in July 1957. He also said that a meeting of representatives of the fraternal Parties of the socialist countries is important and necessary. The peoples of Yugoslavia want to have more friendly relations with the Soviet Union and the other socialist countries. During the meeting there will be opportunity to influence the SKYu CC leadership in a desirable direction.

Touching on the Soviet government statement announcing support for the DPRK and PRC position in connection with the Americans' violation of the Korean Armistice Agreement, Kim Il Sung expressed great gratitude to the Soviet government. He stressed that this statement has very great importance for the Korean people. In connection with the fact that the Americans are creating atomic bases in South Korea and moving the HQ of the command from Tokyo to Seoul, the population of South Korea is exhibiting concern and alarm, fearing new military provocations from the Americans and the Syngman Rhee government [lisynmanovtsy]. Our people know that the Soviet Union has atomic and hydrogen bombs, is a powerful and strong country, and therefore the statement of the Soviet government instills confidence among the population and is critical support in our just struggle to turn the armistice into a lasting peace and peaceful unification of Korea.

Nam Il, who was present at the conversation, asked that the complete text of the Soviet government's statement be passed to them for publication in the press. Kim Il Sung supported this request.

I replied that I will take steps to fulfill this request (the full text of the statement was sent on 8 July and published in the press on 9 July).

Kim Il Sung asked whether Nam Il had informed me about the KWP CC Presidium meeting held on 4 July which approved the June CPSU CC  Plenum decision.

I reported that Nam Il had informed me about the Presidium decision.

Kim Il Sung said that the KWP CC has had reports during the last three days about how the DPRK population has reacted to the June CPSU CC Plenum decision. The nature of these responses and reactions is as follows:

The majority speak positively and approve the measures taken by the plenum.

"The exposure of the anti-Party elements strengthens the unity of the CPSU and the friendship of the countries of the socialist camp even more".

(some workers of the Pyongyang substation)

"The vigorous struggle to strengthen unity in the Party is a practical example for all Communist and worker's Parties"

(some workers of local administrative bodies)

"Molotov is an old revolutionary, but he has accepted the new badly. Is it because he committed [dopustil] similar acts? Possibly Malenkov committed similar acts in view of the fact that he was dissatisfied with the post he occupied after he was removed from the post of Prime Minister?"

(individual officials of the People's Committee of the province of North Hwanghae)

"Even earlier Malenkov was criticized for distortion of the economic policy of the Party, but he did not correct his shortcomings".

"After the 20th CPSU Congress new regulations and a new policy were adopted in the Party but they held onto the old".

"The anti-Party group formed in the CPSU did not accept the decisions of the 20th Congress ideologically and tried to act the opposite way. This is very much like the actions of the factional elements exposed at the August plenum of our Party. It is necessary to raise vigilance toward anti-Party factional elements inside the Party even higher".

(Individual officials of the People's Committee of the province of North Hwanghae)

Some citizens are expressing alarm and fear about whether these events in the CPSU will have an influence on the aggravation of the situation in some socialist countries.

"From the point of view of the international situation raising this issue in the Soviet Union is a very sensitive matter. Some people in our socialist countries might waver. The ruling circles of the capitalist countries will increase attacks on our camp even more in connection with this issue".

(Gosplan official)

"The American imperialists and Syngman Rhee are further intensifying the military commotion in connection with the CPSU decision"

(Some pharmaceutical plant workers)

"Syngman Rhee is increasing calls for a 'march on the North'. Enemies are raising a commotion in connection with the fact that there big differences inside the Communist camp".

(Some workers of the Pyongyang electric light bulb factory)

Some are expressing bafflement over why such anti-Party actions occur in the CPSU.

"How can one correctly understand the events which have occurred in the CPSU? It's impossible to understand any of it".

(Some officials of the People's Committee of [Mensan] District of North Hwanghae Province)

"Malenkov, Molotov, and Kaganovich are all old revolutionaries, leaders of the international worker's movement. How could it happen that they made such mistakes? Do you have an idea of who is a real Party leader?"

(Some court officials of Ryanggang Province)

"Even in sleep such things don't appear in dreams. A truly unexpected fact".

(Some residents of the province of North Hwanghae)

"Why do such cases continue to appear in some Parties? The facts are regrettable. It is strange that such cases are recently appearing frequently".

(Some officials of the People's Committee of the city of Hyesan, Ryanggang Province)

"It is regrettable that senior officials engage in anti-Party acts. It is incomprehensible why this occurred with people who rendered services in the revolutionary struggle".

Some of the statements are of a negative nature.

Kim Il Sung reported that right now they are developing measures with the specific situation in mind which are directed at a comprehensive and correct explanation of the June CPSU CC plenum decision among KWP members and the DPRK population.

I directed Kim Il Sung's attention to the fact that, while the newspapers "Rodong Sinmun" and "Minju Choson" correctly give detailed responses to the decision of the June CPSU CC plenum decision from the Soviet Union and the countries of people's democracy, no responses have yet been given from the DPRK.

Kim Il Sung promised to take steps and noted that the lead article published yesterday was weak in several places and that instructions had been given to prepare and publish serious articles (responses to the Plenum decision throughout the DPRK have begun to be published in the 9 July newspapers).

Nam Il was present at the conversation.

The conversation lasted one hour and 15 minutes.