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    This document provides further details of joint KGB-Bulgarian measures to counter RFE and RL. It vaunts the effectiveness of Bulgarian regime counterpropaganda, claiming that it thwarted Western efforts to create internal strife in Bulgaria.
    "Bulgarian Cooperation with KGB against 'Subversive Centers'," 1979, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, Bulgarian Interior Ministry Archive, Fond 1, Record 10A, Document 344. Obtained by Jordan Baev. Translated by Miroslav Vajarov.
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We have investigated jointly with the Fifth Directorate of the KGB 32 subversive centers and organizations (over 50 operative files with more than 100 objects), using 35 agents.

We established the [identity of] collaborators of Radio Liberty, of the Bulgarian section of Free Europe, and their connections in the People’s Republic of Bulgaria and the USSR. We are investigating the 11 most active ones. As a result of our joint activity we created conditions for the control and interception of their channels of communication with certain anti-social elements in our country. We are preparing an operation for the infiltration of one of our agents into Radio Free Europe. We implemented successfully the campaign aimed at the disclosure of the subversive activity of said radio stations and the slandering and provocative activities of their teams, by means of radio and TV broadcasting of more than 80 programs and several documentaries, and also by publishing in the press more than 500 items. Thanks to these measures we managed to foil the attempts of the enemy to provoke acute subversive actions against our countries during the Belgrade summit and other international events. We took similar measures in order to block the anti-Bulgarian propaganda carried out in the West regarding the death of the defectors g. Markov and V. Simeonov.

As a result of our joint efforts we developed and implemented measures against the leaders and emissaries of the NTS, BLF, BOD, the Human Rights League, Amnesty International, the World Zionist Organization, the American Jewish Committee, the Armenian nationalist organization Dashnaktzutyun, the Vienna branch of the Sokhnut agency and the documentation center, the World Sefarad organization and the Jewish communities in the socialist federative republic of Yugoslavia. […]


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