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August 29, 1984


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    Head of the Stasi (MfS), Erich Mielke, orders the Main Department II of the MfS to support and monitor political operatives of Communist and Workers' parties forbidden in their home countries and staying in the GDR.
    "Mielke, 'Political Operative Security of the Leadership of Illegally Fighting Communist and Workers’ Parties Staying in the GDR, as well as their Covert Activities'," August 29, 1984, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, Army General BStU, MfS, HA II, Nr. 28586, 295-297. Obtained by Roham Alvandi.
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[Letterhead] Council of Ministers of the German Democratic Republic
Ministry of State Security
The Minister

Berlin, 29.8.84

Service Units

Political operative security of the leadership of illegally fighting Communist and Workers’ parties staying in the GDR, as well as their covert activities

The Socialist Unity Party of Germany (SED) is assuring comprehensive assistance and support to Communist and Workers’ parties forbidden in their own homelands in accordance with the principles of proletarian internationalism, in their fight for freedom, democracies, and social progress.

Part of this assistance is the reception of the leadership of illegally fighting Communist and Workers’ parties (hereinafter referred to as the party leaderships) in the GDR and the support of their covert activity.

For the security of the party leaderships against enemy attacks and effective support of the [“their” here is struck out and “the” written in by hand – trans.] covert activity [“through the MfS” is struck out here –trans.], I order:

1. Main Department II has the political operative responsibility for the central leadership of the resistance work in connection with the presence and activity of the party leaderships here, and first and foremost to implement the following essential political operative tasks:

-Provision of constantly up to date, precise, and complete estimates of the political operative situation in this specific area of resistance work through organization of unique political operative work processes, as well as consolidation and analytical evaluation of information about enemy plans, perspectives, and measures in connection with the presence and activity of the party leaderships here, with the goal of:

-Informing the Party leadership [i.e. the SED leadership – trans.] about actions, occurrences, and appearances that are particularly significant from a political operative point of view.

-Determination or specification of political operative areas of focus

-Development of orientations for the ongoing evaluation of political operative work

-Preparation and implementation of central educational measures with the active directors and operative employees

-Timely surveillance, prevention, and combat of subversive activities, particularly those of the legal enemy bases in the GDR from countries where the relevant parties are forbidden.

-Organization of close cooperation with the Department of International Relations of the SED Central Committee as well as goal-directed cooperation with service units of the MfS, which have specific tasks to complete, particularly with the HVA, the MfS Academy, Main Department PS, OTS, and Department E.

2. Department II of the regional administrations are responsible for the political operative security of the party leaderships in their respective territories and their covert activity, and have the following essential political operative tasks to complete:

-Implementation of protective and security measures for the leading functionaries, their property and activity

-Provision of protection for leading functionaries of these parties during their temporary stay in the GDR

-Oversight and differentiated surveillance of contact partners of the party leadership, particularly citizens of their respective home countries living in the GDR

-Organization of close cooperation with the Secretaries of the regional leadership of the SED responsible for international relations.

3. The following service units are responsible for the implementation of the following primary political operative tasks:

3.1 Main Administration Surveillance:

Timely discovery of the plans, views, and measures of imperialist and national secret services as well as other enemy services/forces in the operational area that are directed at the party leaderships and their covert activities.

3.2 MfS Academy

Implementation of the training of functionaries and members of foreign parties according to their wishes and the realistic capabilities of the MfS.

3.3 Main Department PS:

Provision of personal protection of leading functionaries of the party leaderships permanently or temporarily staying in the GDR either by demand or according to political operative necessity.

3.4 OTS and Department E

Preparation of means for covert work and system of communication.

4. In case of political operative necessity further service units are to be brought in for the completion of security assignments through the Director of Main Department II.

5. The assistance and support for the party leadership must be completed in such a way that direct contact with the MfS is not recognizable.

All measures in service of implementation of this order are to be carried out in accordance with the principles of discretion and secrecy.


Army General