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July 9, 1982

American Secret Service Introduces Former Highly Placed Officials from the Iranian Secret Service SAVAK in West Berlin

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American Secret Service introduces former highly placed officials from the Iranian secret service SAVAK in West Berlin

A trusted source has shared that [redacted], the former member of the Iranian secret service SAVAK at Iran's General Consulate in West Berlin, is again active in West Berlin.

After the fall of the Shah's regime [redacted] provided a substantial number of documents to the American secret service in West Berlin. He himself then went for a considerable time to the USA. At the beginning of 1981 he went to Nuremberg. At the end of 1981 it became known, that he was working in Hamburg in a covert capacity.


In West Berlin [redacted] has made contact with former SAVAK agents in recent weeks. His target has been progressive forces in West Berlin and in the GDR. His main focus is surveillance of the Tudeh Party.

[redacted] is also active under nationalist Iranian organizations in West Berlin, in order to unite them in the struggle against the Khomeini regime.



Director of the Main Department XX
Oberst Paroch
Main Department II
Main Department XX/AKG
Main Department XX/8


Source: Informal Collaborator "Amir"
Employee: Major Dreier


[Handwritten: "See also 13.3.81 No. 196/81"]


A source claims that a former employee of the Iranian secret service is cooperating with the United States and is "active in West Berlin."


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BStU, MfS, HA XX, Nr. 1457, 128. Obtained by Roham Alvandi.


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