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August 11, 1962

Cable from Aleksander Krajewski [on a Meeting between Naszkowski and Valente]

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Code messages [illegilble]

[handwritten:] 6/77 W-86 t -13170

[Polish Eagle]

Warsaw, August 11, 1962


People’s Republic of Poland

Ministry of Foreign Affairs










On the 8th of this month, during a visit with minister Naszkowski, Valente raised several points:

1) Disarmament and the Berlin issue. According to Valente, a major obstacle for rapprochement is the mutual distrust between the two blocs. He admitted at the same time that the USSR has more reasons to be distrustful, but – in his opinion – there is some excessive apprehension that paralyzes the negotiating capability of the USSR. With respect to the ban on nuclear testing, he asked if some kind of controlling agency could be set up, made up  of 4 smaller states -  2 socialist and 2 western, as in the case of Khrushchev’s Berlin proposal. He was shown the fundamental differences in both cases.

2) Rapacki’s visit to Cuba. He stressed the importance of this visit, which was construed by L. A. countries[1] as a call for moderation and peaceful coexistence in the regulation of the continents’ controversial issues. Speaking of the Cuban revolution, he was critical of Castro’s excessively emotional speeches and of a number of measures which alienate public opinion in LA from Cuba.

3) Brazil’s domestic situation. He assessed it as critical and difficult. He expressed the hope that Goulart would be able to control the situation. He juxtaposed Goulart and Quadros, whose merit lies in the path for Brazil’s independent politics, but was a weak man and no statesman.

Valente assured [me] of his determination to work for further development of Polish-Brazilian relations.






Com[rade] Min[ister] Naszkowski


[illegible handwritten annotations]


[1] Probable reference to Latin American countries – trans.

A summary of a meeting between Polish Minister Naszkowski and Brazilian Ambassador Valente.

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Szyfrogram from Rio, 1962, 6/77, w-86, t-1316, AMSZ, Warsaw. Contributed by James G. Hershberg and translated by Jerzy Giebułtowski.


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