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January 11, 1950

Cable, Central Military Commission to Lin Biao, Deng Zihui, Tan Zhen, Xiao Ke, and Zhao Erlu

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林邓谭萧赵[1] :


四野所有朝鲜部队和朝鲜干部同意派回朝鲜工作。中共中央已与鲜共(2〕中央接洽好, 他们即派参谋政治人员三人来中国把部队改编好, 于四月间更换夏衣后开回朝鲜,并选一千多人先回朝鲜学习机械化兵种。








Lin [Biao], Deng [Zihui], Tan [Zhen], Xiao [Ke], Zhao [Erlu]:


All the ethnic Korean soldiers and officers of the Fourth Field Army agree to the task of being sent back to Korea. The CCP Central Committee has already arranged for the Xiangong [Korean Workers' Party] Central Committee to dispatch three political staff officers to come to China and reorganize troops, to start sending troops back to Korea in April--after the change to summer uniforms-- and to choose over a thousand soldiers to be sent back to Korea first to study military mechanization.


Central Military Commission

January 11 [1950]

To the question of whether to send back the ethnic Korean officers back to Korea, the Central Military Commission answers in the affirmative and writes that CMC has already asked for Korean officers to come to China to reorganize the troops and bring them back home.

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Zhonggong zhongyang wenxian yanjiu shi and Zhongyang dang'anguan, eds., Jianguo yilai Liu Shaoqi Wengao (Liu Shaoqi's Manuscripts since the Founding of the PRC), vol. 1 (Beijing: Zhongyang wenxian chubanshe, 2005), 319-321. Translated by Kim Donggil.


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