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February 18, 1964

Cable from the Chinese Embassy in Mali, ‘The Two Notes Given to China by Mali'

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Cable Received by the Foreign Cultural Liaison Committee


Request the 3rd Department Handle


From the Mali Desk

Received (64) No.

Year of the Bull


The Two Notes Given to China by Mali


[To the] Foreign Cultural Liaison Committee:


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mali has forwarded [to us] two notes [from the] Malian Arts and Culture Commissioner. [In the] first [they say they] hope we will send [experts in] wood carving, ivory carving, and jewelry making to Mali to teach at the recently established National Institute of the Arts. [In the] other note [they] request [that] we gift them with audio equipment and lighting for them to use in performances in Mali at this year's Youth Week.


The Malian Arts and Culture Commissioner personally requested [of me that]:


1) [China send] one wood and ivory carving expert and one jewelry expert to Mali to work for three years. [The expert's] responsibility would be to professionally train up talented [individuals] in Mali. [The expert would also] study traditional Malian handicrafts in order to [be able to] make recommendations for future development and improvement.


2) [That China send] audio equipment including a microphone suitable for large meetings, a large set of speakers and amplifiers.


[With regards to] lighting equipment [their request is for] several colored spotlights. We consider these requests to be of little difficulty. If an expert can come to their newly established Institute of Arts as a teacher, this would also be a good thing. At the same time, the Malians have formally presented [this issue] via diplomatic channels. [It would be] inconvenient for me to refuse. Therefore [I] suggest that [the relevant people] back in China respond as quickly as possible to the Malians' requests.


Furthermore, he also indicated that [this would allow them] to better introduce the folk stories, history, and music of Mali [to the world] and hopes that we would sell them a vinyl recorder so they can cut records on their own. We think it might be difficult to provide such a machine from China and wonder whether we can offer some help in cutting their own records?


Hoping for your speedy reply.


[Chinese] Embassy in Mali

18 February 1964


Mali requests that China dispatch experts in wood carving, ivory carving, and jewelry making.

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PRC FMA 108-01057-03. Obtained by Gregg Brazinsky and translated by Marian Rosenberg.


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