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September 11, 1965

Cable from the Chinese Embassy in North Korea, 'On North Korea's Response to the Indian Invasion of Pakistan'

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To the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Head Office of the Xinhua [News Agency]:


On India's invasion of Paksitan, [North] Korea offered purely objective coverage of the war on the 8th and 9th [of September 1965], and quoted the news agencies of both India and Pakistan. Only on the 8th was there a title with a slight bias: "India invades Pakistan's territory." The full text of the reports in the [North] Korean media are attached as reference into today's telex to the Head Office [of Xinhua].


On the 10th and then again today, there has unexpectedly not been a single word related to this news.


Our government's statement has not been published. In [North] Korea's National Day celebrations, the leaders' speeches did not mention a single word about India's invasion of Pakistan. Today, excerpts from Premier Zhou's speech from the evening of the 9th [were included], but they simply and hastily mentioned this matter. [The excerpts] did not include the words "aggression" or "opposed to this invasion," nor did it include the words "modern revisionism."


[Chinese] Embassy in [North] Korea

11 September 1965

The Chinese Embassy in Pyongyang reports that North Korea's reaction to the Indo-Pak War has been timid.

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PRC FMA 105-01707-03, 20-21. Translated by Charles Kraus.


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