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December 22, 1965

Cable from the Chinese Embassy in the Soviet Union, 'On the Situation of the Soviet Revisionists “Condemning America and Supporting Vietnam”'

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[Stamp] Soviet Union # 4237


Ministry of Foreign Affairs Telegram


Priority: Urgent

From Moscow Station

Foreign Ministry (65) No. Hai-898


On the Situation of the Soviet Revisionists “Condemning America and Supporting Vietnam”


To the Foreign Ministry:


The Soviet Revisionists took advantage of the fifth anniversary of the founding of the southern Vietnam National Liberation Front to bring to a climax its deceptive display of its most recent phony opposition to imperialism and its phony support for Vietnam. The Soviet leadership and worker's, youth, women's and other mass organizations sent congratulatory telegrams to the appropriate organizations in northern and southern Vietnam. People in all circles held celebratory meetings and meetings were held throughout the Soviet Union to “Condemn the U.S. and Support Vietnam”. The press, radio broadcasters and television of the Soviet Revisionist propaganda organs did a great deal of reporting on these meetings. Some newspapers even published dedicated “Support Vietnam” columns expressing their “condemnation” of U.S. aggression. Some published their views “supporting” the just struggle of the Vietnamese people and on the solution of the Vietnam issue, proclaiming their “faith” that the Vietnamese people will certainly win etc. The singing in a phony play is never any good, however, and so the Soviet Revisionists could not avoid exposing its fox tail.


1. Idle talk about “condemning” U.S. imperialism but not exposing the “peace talks” ploy of the U.S. imperialists. The even refused to publish the statement by the South Vietnamese Press Agency revealing the U.S. imperialists statement that they were exploring “peace talks” through some Italian intermediaries.


2. Idle talk about “supporting', but do not dare to discuss the tremendous significance of the glorious people's war struggle that the Vietnamese people are carrying out. They don't stress armed struggle, they don't proclaim the glorious victories of the south Vietnamese people these past five years but instead spread propaganda about the horrors of war, spread some nonsense about the entire Vietnamese people being exterminated and some other nonsense such as “the fighting in Vietnam threatens peace throughout the world and increases the risk that the people of the entire world will face the serious consequences of a military conflict”.


3. Do not propagandize about the glorious international significance and great assistance given to the people of the entire world by the struggle of the Vietnamese people to oppose the U.S. and save their country. In their great power chauvinism, they instead boast about the “selfless support” they give to the Vietnamese people and publish great quantities of expressions of thanks from the Vietnamese side to the Soviet Revisionists.


4. Strictly block statements and facts about the true and authentic support that our country gives to the Vietnamese people's struggle. They report a great deal on the “support” provided by the international revisionists and even take advantage of this as an opportunity to divide the left by reporting on the support that North Korea gives to Vietnam.


5. All Moscow circles are pretentiously holding meeting to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the founding of the National Liberation Front withAlexander Shelepinparticipating but only the Minister for Higher Education Vyacheslav Elyutin and several others spoke, mostly to boast about what they were doing. When the Office of the Permanent Representative of the National Liberation Front held a reception, Alexander Shelepin and other officials took part but none dared say anything. The responsible secretary of the Soviet Committee for Unity with the People of Africa and Asia attended and went through the motions although, being very afraid of offending the U.S. imperialists, he said that the Representative Office of the Permanent Representative of the National Liberation Front is only the representative office of a mass organization.


6. Even while it was stressing “Condemn the U.S. and Support Vietnam”, it made a series of reports on the flights of Gemini Six and Gemini Seven and published the congratulatory telegram from Podgorny to Johnson, praising the U.S. achievement and so revealing his true America-worshiping face.


Moreover, according to what a Vietnamese colleague told us: the Soviet Revisionists had invited the Vietnamese Representative's Office to send someone to participate in a celebration being held in Kiev. The Vietnamese side said that they wanted to bring their own interpreter along but the Soviet side refused this request.


[Chinese] Embassy Moscow

December 22, 1965 



Distribution: Members of the Standing Committee of the Politburo, Peng Zhen, Chen Yi, Lu Dingyi, Kang Sheng, Luo Ruiqing, Central General Office Confidential Department, Foreign Affairs Office, Central Propaganda Office; Central Liaison Department, Central Investigation Department, Ministry of National Defense, Military Intelligence Office, Wu Lengxi, Zhu Muzhi,


Liu, Zhang, X, Meng, Wang, Qiao, Han, Gong, Huan, The General Office, Research Department, Division of Soviet and European Affairs, Second Asian Division, Press, Ambassador, Confidential Office, Archive 71 copies printed


Received on December 23 at 05:00
Transcribed on December 23 at 12:00
Approved on December 24 at 06:50
Printed on December 24 at 06:40




The Chinese Embassy in Moscow reports on recent Soviet efforts to support the Vietnamese against the United States.

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PRC FMA 109-03654-02, 37-40. Translated by David Cowhig.


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