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October 14, 1960

Cable from the Chinese Foreign Ministry, 'Response on Our Attitude toward Khrushchev's Remarks at the 15th UNGA'

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Read By: Liu [Shaoqi], [Li] Fuchun, Zhangyan, [Zhang] Hanfu, [Luo] Guibo, [Ji] Pengfei, Geng Biao


No. [illegible]


Sent to: See header

Approval: Zhou Enlai

Level: Extra urgent; advance



Copied to: […]


Contents: Response on Our Attitude toward Khrushchev's Remarks at the 15th UNGA




To the Embassy in the Soviet Union:


Copy to: All embassies and representative offices abroad, Xinhua Bureau in Cuba, the Liaison Office in Gaesong [Kaesong], and all foreign affairs offices.


The cables dated September 26 and October 3 were received. Should the speeches of [Nikita] Khrushchev and the leaders of other fraternal countries at the UN General Assembly—or the Soviet Union’s proposals [at the UNGA]—come up in diplomatic settings, do not intentionally be cold or play dumb as an excuse. At the same time, do not allow them [the Soviets] to boast too much or create any illusions. You may generally express support for their efforts to secure world peace and support their remarks and views on disarmament, opposing imperialism and colonialism, and safeguarding the sovereignty and territorial integrity of socialist countries. You may also thank them for their support on the question of China’s representation in the United Nations. You may avoid taking the initiative to comment on issues where we are in disagreement [with the Soviet Union], such as exaggerating the role of the United Nations, advocating for the eradication of colonialism via the United Nations and through negotiations between colonial countries and colonized countries, propagating a “world without weapons” and a “world without war” even under conditions in which imperialism still exists, aiding undeveloped countries through achieving disarmament, and so on. If someone speaks erroneously on these matters, you may directly elaborate upon our views. If someone attacks us, you must push back but have some leeway [for dissenting views]. In short, be persistent in our stand of opposing imperialism, colonialism, modern revisionism, grasp the banner of peace and unity, differentiate between and treat each situation appropriately (no unconditional opposition, only conditional support).


The above can be said when encountering personnel from fraternal countries. When encountering personnel from capitalist countries, your remarks should be even more principled, as it is necessary to show our country’s positions while being careful to express solidarity with the fraternal countries. Be determined to reasonably counterattack their provocations, slanders, and attacks. Follow the positions of reports and editorials in People’s Daily for other issues and remarks made by representatives of other countries during this session of the United Nations General Assembly. If the People’s Daily has no position [on an issue], then do not express any views to outsiders.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs

14 October 1960


The Chinese Foreign Ministry offers instructions for how embassies should respond to Nikita Khrushchev's speech at the 15th United Nations General Assembly.

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PRC FMA 109-00917-02, 10-11. Translated by Charles Kraus.


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