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December 18, 1964

Cable from the Foreign Cultural Liaison Committee, ‘Regarding the Matter of Sending Experts in Woodcarving and Ivory'

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Cable Sent by the Foreign Cultural Liaison Committee


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Approved By: Chen Zhongjing


Committee Dispatch [19]64 No. 89



Regarding the Matter of Sending Experts in Woodcarving and Ivory


[To the] [Chinese] Embassy in Mali:


[According to your] cable [sent on] 20 October [1964], the two experts in woodcarving and ivory [have] already been selected. We consider a work period of one-and-a-half to two years to be appropriate. During [their] time in Mali, your Embassy [will be responsible] for [their] strict oversight. The Malian side will be responsible for assorted living expenses and [shall] provide room and board, medical care, office equipment, [and] travel equipment. Salary and round trip travel expenses will be borne by us. Please have your Embassy refer to our [country's] signed agreement with Mali [regarding] experts' [in-country] treatment and compensation.


Looking forward to your reply.


Foreign Cultural Liaison Committee

18 December [1964]


The Foreign Cultural Liaison Committee issues instructions on the Chinese experts about to be dispatched to Mali.

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PRC FMA 108-01057-03. Obtained by Gregg Brazinsky and translated by Marian Rosenberg.


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