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December 7, 1984

Chief of the Pasvalys Regional Branch of the KGB of the Lithuanian SSR Lt. Colonel S. Saveikis, 'A Plan for the Individual Training of a Young Officer of the State Security Service'

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A Plan

for the individual training of a young officer

of the state security service


Starting on December 1, 1984, Lieutenant Stasis Stasevich MELNIKAVICHIUS from the Soviet Army Reserve, born in 1957, a university graduate [and] a member of the CPSU, was appointed to the position of a security officer in the Pasvalys Regional Branch of the KGB of the Lithuanian SSR without any Chekist training.


In order to prepare Melnikavichius for the independent work in his position as a security officer, it is necessary for him to go through the practical training described below and learn the theoretical background as well:


Instruct comrade Melnikavichius to study thoroughly and summarize in a written form the main executive orders on how to work with agents, how to file reports, [and] how to improve the agent-operational activities [агентурно-оперативнойдеятельности], such as the executive orders of the KGB of the USSR No. 0076 for 1973, No. 0060 for 1979, and No. 00140 and No. 00145 for 1983, as well as other executive orders and instructions dealing with the agent-operational activities.


Have regular conversations of politically educational character with Comrade S.S. Melnikavichius about the glorious Chekist war and post-war traditions, about the discipline and accountability of the Chekist Communist for the given task, [about] honesty and conscientiousness.


The Theoretical Background


Topic: “The Agent Network [агентура] of Soviet Counterintelligence” with a particular attention given to the questions of:

- Selecting, testing and studying the candidates for recruitment;

- Recruitment and its fundamentals;

- The concept of the trusted persons;

- Relations with agents and trusted persons;

- Learning to fill out and file the documents related to this topic.


Topic: “The Principles of Agent-Operational Activities of Soviet Counterintelligence”


Topic: “Operations [оперативная разработка]

- The types and forms of operations;

- Operational combinations and experiment;

- The legalization of agent and other operational information;

- The performance of all types of operations;

- The filling out and filing of all operational documents.


Topic: “Vigilance and Secrecy in the Work of State Security”

- Paying a particular attention to how to keep in contact with the agent network [and] meet with the candidates for recruitment and the trusted persons.


Topic: “The Prophylactic Work of Counterintelligence Units”

- General and selective prophylactics;

- The filling out and filing the documents related to prophylactic measures.


Topic: “The Measures by State Security to Warn About and Intercept the Subversive Activities of the Adversaries and the Anti-Soviet individuals Inside the Country.”


Topic: “The Organization of Counterintelligence Work by a Security Officer of the Regional Branches.”

- The requirements for the agent network;

- The positioning of the agent network.


Have regular conversations with Comrade S.S. Melnikavichius about these topics with the aim of ascertaining how he has assimilated them.


Familiarize Comrade Melnikavichius in a systematic fashion with the materials published in the KGB Sbornik, [also] select and recommend to him the literary works glorifying the exploits of the Chekists and their commitment to fulfilling their duty, and so on.


The Chief of the Pasvalys Regional Branch

of the KGB of the Lithuanian SSR

Lt. Colonel S. Saveikis [signed]


No. 755



This document provides a set of instructions concerning the matters that a newly-recruited state security officer who has not gone through the Chekist educational system needs to know in order to perform his Chekist duties in the successful manner.

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Lithuanian Special Archives, f. k-11, ap. 1, b. 2357, l. 1 - 3. Published online by the Genocide and Resistance Research Centre of Lithuania, Translated by Filip Kovacevic.


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