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June 12, 1959

Chinese Report on the Response of Editor-in-Chief of Bulgaria’s "Banner of Agriculture News" to the Tibet Issue

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From the Bulgaria Desk

12 June 1959


Response of Editor-in-Chief of Bulgaria’s Banner of Agriculture News to Tibet and Other Issues


[To the] Ministry of Foreign Affairs


On the 11th, Traikov, editor-in-chief of Bulgaria’s Banner of Agriculture News, stated: “We did not do much reporting on the armed rebellion in Tibet, because when we saw that this issue touched upon India, we hesitated for some time.”  The deputy editor-in-chief of this newspaper, Vyachev (who visited China in 1957), speaking of our People’s Daily article, “Tibet’s Revolution and Nehru’s Philosophy,” stated: “This is a very rare and good article; it has deeply moved every reader with in-depth Marxist analysis, reasoned discussion, and abundant supporting materials.  This article is just right in that one cannot find any holes in it, or supplement or add material to it.  The person who wrote this article is advanced in principles, level of Marxism, writing technique and abundance of knowledge; [I] don’t know whether it was written by the editorial department of the People’s Daily, but if so, will the embassy please convey our congratulations to the author[s].  I have read many other Chinese articles about Tibet, but this is the best.  The article defended principles and carried out struggle while at the same time protecting Sino-Indian friendship.  I have already recommended it to many people.”


Chinese Embassy in Bulgaria


Editor and Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Bulgarian "Banner of Agriculture News" talked about the Tibet issue and showed their admiration for the People’s Daily article “Tibet’s Revolution and Nehru’s Philosophy.”

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