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October 13, 1982

CPSU Memorandum, Information on Talks between Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei A. Gromyko and US Secretary of State George Shultz

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13 October 1982


Information on talks between A. A. Gromyko and G. Shultz[1]



No new American thoughts on Afghanistan to signal.  In general terms, Shultz supported a dialogue between Kabul and Islamabad, but we’re not convinced of the sincerity of his statement. We presented our principled views on Afghanistan and demanded that the Americans end their interference and subversive behavior and seriously consider if it would not be better to move in the direction of a political solution.



[1] Gromyko met with Shultz in New York on 28 September and 4 October 1982 during the UN General Assembly session in New York.

Short report that Shultz claimed to support dialogue between Pakistan and Afghanistan, and Gromyko reiterated Soviet demands that the US stop supporting opposition forces in Afghanistan.

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Stiftung Archiv der Parteien- und Massenorganisationen im Bundesarchiv, Berlin, DY30 IV 2/2.035/70 p.106. Obtained and translated from German by David Wolff


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