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March 22, 1970

Discussion between Zhou Enlai and Prince Sihanouk



Beijing, 11:40 pm, 22 March 1970



Zhou Enlai: The speech Your Highness has given to the Cambodian people is of great appealing power.  I believe that the Cambodian people, after listening to Your Highness’s voice, will be greatly inspired and will respond to it.  China is determined to support Your Highness until Your Highness returns to his own country in victory.  So long as Your Highness is determined to fight to the end, it is for certain that we will provide Your Highness with our support.


Prince Sihanouk:  With China’s support, I will persist in the struggle.  No matter how long the struggle will last and how many difficulties it will endure, I will never yield.[1]



[1] On the following day, Sihanouk announced the formation of the United National Front of Kampuchea (FUNK).

Zhou Enlai gives Sihanouk China’s support in the Cambodian Revolution.

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CWIHP Working Paper 22, "77 Conversations."


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