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May 1, 1983

'Iranian Intelligence Service IRNA: "More on Espionage Confession from Leaders of the Tudeh Party"'

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Iranian intelligence service IRNA: "More on espionage confession from leaders of the Tudeh Party"


Tehran, May 1, 83 (IRNA) The leader of the pro-Soviet Tudeh Party, Nuraddin Kianuri, admitted in a television interview on Saturday that he broke the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran in six different ways.


As the first betrayal, Kianuri named the violation of the Islamic Republic's important standard for foreign policy through his party to favor neither East nor West. He confessed to having shared information and data now and then about the military and political situation in the Islamic Republic with the Soviet Union.


The second violation against the laws of the Islamic Republic and its revolution according to Kianuri was the secret possession of weapons despite the decree from Imam Khomeini to give them up to the authorities.


The leader of the Tudeh Party further stated that his party strengthened its secret espionage organization for the Soviet Union.


He also confessed to having committed treason through the construction of a secret network among officers in the army. This network served to collect more information or to share data with the Soviets through officers.


Kianuri continued to say that his use of lies was a further betrayal by his Party. These were used to disguise the existing connections between influential officials in the government and the Tudeh Party and allow their promotion, so that they would have access to more information.


Finally, he turned to the secret flight from [page cuts off]


Kianuri, who thereby partially revealed the betrayal of the Tudeh Party after the victory of the Islamic revolution, admitted to having earned the strictest punishment.


Meanwhile another leading functionary of the Tudeh Party, Mahmud Behazin (Mahmud Etemadzadeh) emphasized that in Iran, Marxism is up a dead end because of the controversial sovereignty of Islam and the support of the people for Islam and the Islamic revolution. After 23 years of separation from the Party he rejoined again after the victory of the Islamic revolution and was recently appointed to the Central Committee.


He revealed the relations of the Tudeh Party to the Eastern superpower and explained that this relation led to betrayal and to conspiracy.

The leader of the Tudeh Party, Noureddin Kianouri, confesses to sharing information with the Soviet Union and using his Party to aid in Soviet espionage.

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BStU, MfS, HA II, 29577, 27-28. Obtained by Roham Alvandi.


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