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April 1, 1952

Meetings with Wilhelm Pieck, Walter Ulbricht, Otto Grotewobl, Fred Oelsner, and Stalin

Meetings on 4.1&7.1952

[Wilhelm Pieck, Walter Ulbricht, Otto Grotewobl, Fred Oelsner, Stalin]


1. Meeting on 4 .1 .1952 – 21.00 - 23.07 hours in Moscow


Police – Armament

Law [Recht] not utilized

Create people's army – without noise

Pacifist period is over


SAG [Soviet stock companies] companies – sell half

Half of the profits

payment half in Mark

“    “     Goods



Do not lead through ministries alone

5 proposals – pour 25,000 t pig iron

II a[nd] III quality

seamless pipes – 14,000 t

Economy/ 2.5 Mill[ion]      rolling mill

check crude sheet metal

unequal distribution

Sell Neptun

Lead 7,000 t

Copper 10,000 t

Combine      Cotton 8,000 t

Building machines

Mines        Kombein [?] credit 1953

Lecturers – Uni – Party schools


Army8 military districts

9-10 army corps – 30 divis[ions] – 300,000

Training in SU

Youth service – pre-milit[ary] education

Begin with civilian org.

Company security

FDJ has to learn how to shoot

Submarine service

Train pilots

Infantry – divisions


Carry out trials

– M. review 7 verdicts

no pacifism

Fill yourself with fighting spirit, we will help you.


Final meeting on 4.7 – 22.05 - 23.20 hours in Moscow


St[alin]: so far all proposals rejected


no compromises

Creation European army – not against SU, but for power

in Europe


Atlantic pact – independent state in the West

Demarcation line dangerous border

1st line German (Stasi), behind them Soviet soldiers

We have to count with terrorist acts.



Re-establish the liquidated Soviet headquarters


Armaments have to be produced,

immediately Russian rifles with ammunition.

Military training for inf1antry], navy, air force, submarines,

tanks - artillery will be donated

also division of fighter planes [Jägerdivision]

Hoffmann – 24 units [Abt.] – 58,000

Not militia, but trained army. All without noise,

but steadfast



Also creation of production-cooperatives in the village,

in order to encircle large farmers.

Begin skillfully in the fall.

Create examples – privileges

seed material, machines.

Instructors available.

Do not force anybodv.

Do not yell collective farms – socialism

Create facts. At the beginning the deed.

– Road to socialism – state prod[uction] is socialist.


Better pay for engineers

1 : 1.7

2-3 x more than workers



11-12,000 Rbl. to university graduates [Akademiker]

pay qualified workers better than unqualified


Theses not dealt with

Party not dealt with     Party conference


Economic conference

Unity, Peace treaty - continue to agitate


Stalin and a delegation of German officials discuss aspects of German economic and military needs, in order to discuss how the Soviet Union can assist them.

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Wilhelm Pieck: Aufzeichnungen zur Deutschlandpolitik 1945-1953, edited by Rolf Badstübner and Wilfried Loth, pp. 395-397 (ZPA [Central Party Archive] NL 36/696, pp. 26-28, 38).


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