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April 5, 1946

Memo from a Telegraph Report of Ashurov from Tehran

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from a telegraph report of Ashurov from Tehran


On 5 April at 0300 there was an exchange of letters between Qavam and the ambassador regarding the creation of an oil company, the withdrawal of Soviet troops within a month and a half, beginning on 24 March, and ways to resolve the Azerbaijani question.


Qavam and his ministers have received all drafts of the embassy drawn up with a record of all the talks, but as regards the Azerbaijani question they agreed with the new proposal – to permit the Azerbaijani language to be taught in Azerbaijan in the first 5 grades (they earlier agreed to 4 grades).


Then a joint communique was adopted with the following text:




of joint Soviet-Iranian Negotiations


The negotiations begun by the Prime Minister of Iran in Moscow with leaders of the government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and continued in Tehran after the arrival of the Soviet ambassador led to complete agreement on all questions on 15 Farvardin 1325, which corresponds to 4 April 1946, namely:


1. Units of the Red Army will begin returning on 24 March 1945, that is, Sunday 4 Farvardin 1325, evacuating from the entire territory of Iran in period of a month and a half.


2. A treaty about the creation of a joint Iranian-Soviet oil company and its provisions will be presented for ratification to the 15th Convocation of the Majlis before the end of the month and a half period, counting from 24 March of this year.


3. Regarding the question of Azerbaijan, inasmuch as this is an internal matter of Iran, a peaceful method will be found between the government and the population of Azerbaijan to conduct reforms in accordance with existing laws and in the spirit of good will toward the Azerbaijani population.


Prime Minster of

the Shah’s


Ahmed Qavam


Ambassador of the

Union of Soviet

Socialist Republics

in Iran

I. Sadchikov


All documents were signed on 4 April


Minister of State Security of the Azerbaijan SSR

General-Major Yemel’yanov


[day of month left blank in quotes] April 1946


No 1045/101


Memo describing the conclusion of Soviet-Iranian negotiations. A joint communique was adopted with provisions to withdraw Soviet troops from Iran, establish a joint oil company, and conduct reforms in Iranian Azerbaijan.


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GAPPOD, f.1, op.89, d.114. Obtained for CWIHP by Jamil Hasanli and translated for CWIHP by Gary Goldberg.


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