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December 15, 1945

Message from Bagirov and Maslennikov, Forwarding 'An Appeal of the National Government of Azerbaijan to its Population'

To Cde. Stalin

To Cde. Molotov

To Cde. Beriya

To Cde. Malenkov


We are sending you an appeal of the national government of Azerbaijan to [its] population:


“The national government of Azerbaijan chosen by the national Majlis, preserving the [territorial] integrity and independence of Iran, now takes up its duties. From the day of publication of this appeal all the state institutions transfer to the subordination of the new government, in view of which all officials are to strictly and honestly continue to perform their responsibilities; in this regard, the government recognizes private property in all spheres of life. For everyone who obeys the orders of the new government and acts according to its instructions suitable conditions for work will be created, but those who do not wish to work in new conditions will be given the opportunity to settle themselves at their discretion. The national government of Azerbaijan, created to ensure the freedom and happiness of the people, summons all their fellow countrymen to tireless activity, loyalty, and preservation of order and fraternal achievement.


Violators of peace and order in the country, people encroaching on property, life, and honor of the people, bureaucrats misusing their official positions and stealing state property, committing sabotage at work, not only deserve the general hatred of the nation and the state, but also will be severely punished according to the laws of justice. Service to the people’s business and dedication to ensuring a better future for Azerbaijan – this is everyone’s duty. The government for its part will take on the responsibility of creating all conditions for successful activity of the people.


The Council of Ministers of Azerbaijan at the same time brings to the notice of all diplomatic representatives of foreign states in Azerbaijan that all their rights and powers determined by international law will be respected to the fullest. The national government at the same time guarantees a quiet and safe existence of all subjects of democratic states; all state officials responsible for preserving the personal property and real estate, ready cash and present goods, national credits, and also other state valuables henceforth passing to the ownership of the national government should protect them with their previous responsibility. Those responsible for squandering state property and valuables will be severely punished.


The national government of Azerbaijan created by the will of the people has begun to fulfill the national demands, hoping that in doing so the people in their turn will given it all-round support in the successful development of its activity. The government is doing everything that depends on it to preserve order and peace in the country so there be no basis for alarm and everyone should quietly go about their business and continue their normal way of life.  There is no sense in closing the bazaar and stopping education in the schools and thus creating alarm and panic.


The government’s program has been drawn up in accordance with the people’s wishes and it will not permit any violations of public order; an end will be put to isolated [sluchaynyye] incidents in the immediate future. Adventurers and violators of [public] order will be taken to court and sternly punished.  No ill-intended actions and infringements on the rights of the people will be permitted. The national government has strengthened the police administration with new personnel and broadened its authority. Anarchy, disorder, and unrest will be stopped in every way possible. Therefore everyone should go about their business and students are to continue their studies according to the previous curriculum and prepare for examinations.


We will create a business-like atmosphere in all cities and villages. State officials will be empowered to carry out their responsibilities without interference from “fedai” detachments and private persons. “Fedai” detachments will be reorganized in an appropriate fashion and subordinated to a specific center and therefore conditions will be established to prevent possible abuses.


Everyone to work!


The government appeals to all compatriots to preserve order, to honestly and devotedly work for the sake of carrying out the tasks which we have taken on ourselves in the name of a happy future for our people!


Prime Minister of Azerbaijan Pishevari”



M. D. Bagirov



I. I. Maslennikov



15 December 1945


[handwritten: "Outgoing number[s] 3087,3088, 3089 15.12.45 17.40"

illegible signature]



Public statement released by Jafar Pishavari on the intentions of the separtist government in Iranian Azerbaijan.

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GAPPOD, f.1, op.89, d.90. Obtained for CWIHP by Jamil Hasanli and translated for CWIHP by Gary Goldberg.


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