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March 29, 1982

Minutes of the Meeting between Wang Sheng (Director of the General Political Warfare Department, Ministry of National Defense, Taiwan) and Lieutenant General Dato Shazali Che Mat (Head of Department of Military Intelligence, Ministry of Defense)

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Time: 15:00 p.m.-15:40 p.m.

Venue: Office of Lt.Gen Dato Shazali Che Mat


Wang [Sheng]: I have long heard of the experience of Malaysian armed forces in exterminating the Malayan Communist Party, which made me here today to learn from you and show our admiration for your determined policy against communism.


[Dato] Shazali [Che Mat]: Though we have more than 30 years of experience in fighting against the Communists, we have such a different situation than other countries and we encountered many difficulties. You have been engaged in fighting the Chinese Communist Party for many years, and we have a lot to learn from you.


Wang: The Chinese Communist Party is adopting smile diplomacy in Southeast Asia today, mainly because Communist China is unstable inside and is attempting to isolate the Republic of China [on Taiwan]. Sharing the goal of fighting against the Communist Party, Taiwan and Malaysia may strengthen cooperation virtually in politics, economy, culture, and other aspects, though no diplomatic ties were established between us.


Shazali: Malaysia is undertaking an anticommunist policy. But due to political reasons, the current scope of cooperation between Taiwan and Malaysia is not broad. However, if our government issues an order to change the status quo regarding our bilateral relations, the military will surely obey it. Thanks for your visit today.


General Wang and Malaysia's General Dato Shazali Che Mat discuss anti-communism and Taiwan-Malaysia military relations.


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Box 16, Wang Sheng Papers, Hoover Institution Archives. Translated by Fulong He.


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