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February 22, 1953

Note from the Embassy of the Polish Republic in Korea

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Embassy of the Pyongyang, 22 February 1953

Polish Republic

in Korea Secret


No. 2421/13/53/TJN [tajne—secret]




On 21 February at 3:30 at night, a powerful enemy air raid occurred. A large number of B-22 heavy bombers took part in the air raid. The Chinese People’s Volunteers’ military hospital, located 15 km. from Pyongyang in [Wai Yon (sic)] in [illegible] region, was the target of the bombing [illegible]. During the air raid the planes dropped a large number of napalm bombs, small bombs [illegible] which are usually used for bombings in the mountains.


As a result of this bombing, Jongu [sic] village was wiped off the surface of the earth and so was a part of the hospital of the Chinese People’s Volunteers. As a result of the bombing, a large number of sick and wounded volunteers perished, as did about 20 people of the civilian population.


On 22 February at 4:00 a.m., the northeastern part of Pyongyang was bombed, which had been completely destroyed as a result of previous air raids. Right now, the American pirates again destroyed the rebuilt mud huts inhabited by the civilian population. Very many children, old people and women perished in this air raid.


It is characteristic that the enemy’s air force strikes its targets very accurately, which proves that they are informed precisely about their targets by spies.


Recently, during one of the air raids, several heavy bombs were dropped on the road leading to our valley. Chinese military transports travel on this road at night. Because of this, posts have been placed along this road to warn those using this road about the enemy’s planes.



[…] Charge d’Affaires a.i.

of the PRL [People’s Republic of Poland] Embassy in the DPRK

The Polish embassy reports on enemy air raids against North Korea during February 1953.


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