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April 2, 1960

Note, G. R. Walker to H. L. Khanna



Ministry of External Affairs



A few copies of the articles on the peaceful utilization of atomic energy, and other achievements in the field of nuclear science in China were forwarded to Shri H.L. Khanna Under Secretary Department of Atomic Energy by our Deputy Secretary Shri R. Jaipal with his D.O. letter No.F.9(1)EAD/60 dated 30.3.60. The copies of the articles were in duplicate and a copy of each article was to be retained in this Section. We shall, therefore, be grateful if one copy of each of the article returned to us for our record.



(G.R. Walker)

for Under Secretary



(Shri H.L. Khanna)

Department of Atomic Energy, New Delhi

Ministry of E.A. U.O.No.9(1)EAD/60 dated 2/4/60



[Handwritten appears at bottom of page]


[3 pages of brief handwritten notes follow, one reading: “This was submitted to P.M. He mentioned the article to Premier Chou Enlai [Zhou Enlai] in their talks. The Chinese Premier replied that this was only a theoretical analysis!”]


The note contains articles on the peaceful utilization of atomic energy and other achievements in nuclear science by China, which were shown to Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai by Prime Minister Nehru.


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National Archives of India, Ministry of External Affairs, 1960, file no. 9(1) EAD/60, "Possibility of China Exploding Atom Bombs." Obtained by Vivek Prahladan.

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