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May 29, 1980

Protocol #213/39, 29 May 1980

Proletarians of all countries,unite!

Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Central Committee

from 29.V.1980

Excerpt from the records #213 par.39gc of the Secretariat of CC

About some of the measures of information-propaganda work on Nicaragua.

Agree with the suggestions, stated in the note of Department of external political propaganda and International department of CC
CPSU (enclosed)


Sent :


to p.39gs1pr.#213

About several measures of information-propaganda work on Nicaragua

Victory of national-patriotic forces in Nicaragua in July of 1979 year and normalization in Cctober of the same year of the diplomatic relations between our states formed presuppositions for opening information-propaganda work for that country. Soviet propaganda organizations and departments to present time have conducted and are conducting the following work in given direction:

in September 1979 opened its station in Managua consisting of two correspondents; in January 1980 correspondent station
was reconstructed into a department of TASS with establishing of telex connections (for now the connection is only one-side, telephone);

14-19 may 1980 year hosted deputy director of the information agency "Nueva Nicaragua" F.Ernandez and talked with him about signing of agreement about cooperation in the sphere of exchange of information.

State-teleradio of USSR:
in accordance with the decision of the organization from 22 October 1979 opens corespondent station consisting of two people with the right of entering the countries of the Central America. The departure of the workers to their place of work is planned for July-August 1980 year. In present time through Cuba Nicaragua television regularly gets soviet tele-programs.

established telex connections with Nicaragua on two channels: with agents "Prensa Latina" and "Nueva Nicaragua", daily sends them 3-4 types of materials;

came in CC CPSU with a suggestion about opening in Managua a bureau of APN, foreseeing coming out in Nicaragua monthly
theoretic almanac "Cosialism: theory and practice" (3 thousands copies) and daily informational bulletin;

for newspaper "Barricade", published by Sandinista National Liberation Front (SFNL), the material is regularly sent by mail;

publisher of APN regularly (1-2 times a month according to publishing) sends to the address of Soviet Embassy to Managua by airmail through Mexico and Costa-Rica propaganda literature, classic works of Marxism-Leninism, documents of CC CPSU and of
the Soviet government, materials from the network of party education and others (from October 1979 were sent 59 names of books and brochures total circulation of 8,5 thousand copies).

State Publishing House of Communist Literature of the USSR:
in April 1980 year on the account of Party budget sent to Nicaragua (on the name of Henry Rose) 83 titles of public-political
literature, including the works of V.Y.Lenin, -total of 830 copies.

State Cinema company of the USSR:
will bring in CC CPSU and Council of Ministers of the USSR a suggestion about giving to Nicaragua soviet films in order to
create a party-state film fund (20-25 titles);

10 soviet films to Sandinista cinema institute for organization of a cinema archive; 10 projectors (16mm);

on the line of "Soviet Export Cinema" the negotiations are held about commercial display of soviet movies in Nicaragua;
Cuban comrades gave as a gift to the Nicaragua side 20 soviet movies in Spanish for organization of state cinema company
in Nicaragua.

ALL USSR Society "International Book":
signed an agreement with the government company "Club de lectores" about spreading Soviet literature. Sent by airmail more then 10 thousand copies and by ship in April 1980
70 thousand copies of books on all the different topics, including classics of Marxism-Leninism.

All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions:
sends regularly literature of public-political character on address of Sandinista professional center of workers of Nicaragua, created by SFNL. In the nearest time cinema equipment is being sent along with the movies meant for public view through trade unions.

during 1980 year will send on the address of "Union of Sandinista youth of 19th of July" works of classics of Marxism-Leninism,
documents and materials about the history of Lenin comsomol, and also fiction literature on heroic-patriotic topics and documentaries, dedicated to the soviet youth.

It seems expedient also:
to allow TASS sign an agreement of cooperation with aninformation agency "Nueva Nicaragua";

give TASS a task to rent a line of communication Moscow-
Managua for information exchange with the agency "Nueva Nicaragua";

to let TASS help Nicaragua in forming photo service, including providing them with equipment and photo materials;

send to Nicaragua on the line of State publishing house of communist literature of the USSR an exhibition of Soviet political books, making it on the first anniversary of victory of the Nicaragua revolution (19 July), and give it as a gift to the Sandinista government;

give the State publishing house of communist literature a task to send in the third quarter of 1980 year a library from the
works of classics of Marxism-Leninism on the address of the leadership of SFNL (D.Ortega) on the whole sum with shipment price of up to two thousand rubles. The expenses for these
procedures refer to the account of the reserve fund of party budget;

have State-teleradio of the USSR lead the talks with the Cuban side about increase of the amount of soviet tele-materials, given through Cuba for Nicaragua;

on the line of [SSOD] send the literature, some exhibitions and movies for public view to the address of the embassy of the USSR, given the last the orders to organize the shows and giving it all to Nicaragua public organizations;

let the committee of Soviet Women help United Sandinista Federation of women of Nicaragua by literature, movies and other information-propaganda materials.

It is meant, that given above measure can be taken without accessing additional funds. With administration of actions of CC CPSU (Pavlov), accordingly departments and organizations it is
agreed upon.

The Department of External
Political Propaganda of CC CPSU

International Department

20 May 1980 year

This protocol gives the specifics of Soviet cooperation with the Sandinistas, especially in terms of propaganda (films, photography, Marxist-Leninist literature, etc.).

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