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January 23, 1976

Secret Telegram No. 969/I - From Moscow to Warsaw

Secret Telegram No. 969/I

From Moscow to Warsaw, January 23, 1976

To [Foreign Minister Olszowski]

From the conversation with First Secretary Deputy Head of the International Department of the CC CPSU, Oleg Rakhamnin:


4. The situation in the PRC is getting increasingly complicated. Mao lost two loyal people – Keng Sheng and Zhou Enlai, who skillfully implemented his policy line. We should expect that the power struggle in the PRC will intensify. The group of the so-called leftists and others – is making efforts to increase their influence, but it is also encountering the opposition.

However, Rakhamnin personally thinks that there will be those with professional training in the Chinese leadership, and especially in the national economy. There are no changes in the CPSU stance toward China. Mao continues to remain the main executor of the PRC's anti-Soviet course. They continue to conduct a hostile campaign toward the USSR. The USSR will not give up on the battle front either…


/-/ [Polish Ambassador in Moscow Wladyslaw] Napieraj

The Polish Ambassador in Moscow relays an overview of First Secretary Deputy Head of the International Department of the CC CPSU Oleg Rakhamnin's thoughts on the situation in the PRC.


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Archives of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (AMSZ), z-Depesze, Moskwa 1976. Obtained and translated for CWIHP by Malgorzata K. Gnoinska.


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