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Menshikov, M.

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Popular Documents

November 3, 1949

Cable Nos. 826-827 from Shtykov

Shtykov requests the Soviet government to give Koreans further aid in instruments for an arsenal.

March 18, 1949

Excerpt from Minutes Nº 68 of the CC Politburo Meeting of 18 March 1949, '14. Concerning Korea'

The Soviet Politburo approves several agreements concerning aid and trade between the Soviet Union and North Korea.

November 3, 1951

CPSU Central Committee Politburo Decision with Telegram for Stalin

Decision to approve the request of the government of the DPRK to manufacture and supply to Korea 89,000 orders (a type of military medal), 300,100 medals, and 100 copies of the charter for the Korean Hammer and Sickle medal, and to approve the draft on the matter mentioned in the first paragraph of this resolution.

January 19, 1951

Telegram from Vasilevsky and Menshikov to Stalin

A response to Mao's questions about the third article of the draft agreement on military credit, the date of the requested deliveries in February and May, and requests to expedite delivery of the remaining 12,000 cars.

July 12, 1951

Report to I. V. Stalin, Settling Mutual Financial Claims with Iran

Telegram distributed among top Soviet officials regarding ongoing negotiations between Iran and the USSR over financial claims. Agreements have been reached on some smaller claims, but the main Soviet claim for oil and the main Iranian claim for gold both remain an issue. Telegram suggests that the negotiations be recessed, while noting that the Soviet Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and Ministry of Foreign Trade (MVT) disagree.