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Yi Gi-bung

Yi ran his second time of vice presidency in 1960 and won but committed suicide after the April 1960 Student Uprising.


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YI GI-BUNG (1896-1960). Born in Seoul, he studied in the United States. While in New York, he participated in the Korean nationalist movement as one of the publishers of a Korean-language newspaper, Sam-il Sinmun. He returned to Korea in 1934. In 1945, he became secretary to Dr. Syngman Rhee, and in 1949 he was appointed mayor of Seoul. While serving as the minister of defense in 1951, he and others founded the Liberal Party, becoming one of its key leading members. Elected to the National Assembly in 1954, he became the speaker, closely allied with Dr. Rhee. Yi ran as the vice presidential candidate of the Liberal Party in 1956, but was defeated. He ran again in the March 1960 presidential election, and was elected vice president. However, when the April 1960 Student Uprising overthrew the First Republic, Lee, his wife, and son all committed suicide.

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