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Popular Documents

December 2, 1961

Cable from the Chinese Embassy in North Korea, 'On Chinese Citizens of the Korean Nationality Illegally Crossing the Border to Come to Korea'

The Chinese Embassy in North Korea reports on the growing number of illegal border crossings into the DPRK and some of the problems the new arrivals are facing.

September 13, 1969

I.I. Shtodin, 'Report about the Trip of a Delegation of the Primorsky Kray to the Province of North Hamgyong for the Celebration of the 21st Anniversary of the Proclamation of the DPRK'

The delegation from Primorsky Kray visited various places in the Northern Hamgyong and describes their impressions, such as how primitive the factories were or how much the cult of Kim Il Sung was evident in society.

February 25, 1949

Summary of Education Work in North Hamgyong

Narrative reports on Overseas Chinese schools in North Hamgyong Province, North Korea.

May 13, 1957

Journal of Soviet Ambassador to the DPRK A.M. Puzanov for 13 May 1957

During their discussions on the development of North Korea, the Soviet delegation and DPRK delegation exchange opinions on capital investment and consumer goods production. Puzanov then draws on his trip to Hamgyong and summarizes his conclusions on the DPRK's repairs to enterprises damaged by war, increased industrial and agricultural production, and shortcoming in meeting the needs of the population and economic efficiency.

February 25, 1949

Summary of Shortcomings in Teachers’ Work in North Hamgyong Province: Attachments

Narrative reports on education and the work of teachers at Overseas Chinese schools in North Hamgyong Province, North Korea.