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Japan and the Korean Peninsula

This collection documents the interactions and dynamics between Japan and the two Koreas since 1945. (Image: A nightime view of Japan and the Korean Peninsula, 2014. NASA photograph.)

Popular Documents

August 18, 1967

Information about Some New Aspects on Korean Workers' Party Positions concerning Issues of Domestic and Foreign Policy

The Acting East German Ambassador to North Korea discusses Kim Il Sung's leadership and cult of personality, Korean reunification, and North Korea's foreign relations with China and Japan.

November 8, 1986

The Secret Parts of General Secretary Hu’s Statements

General Secretary Hu discusses China's influence in the Korean Peninsula, the upcoming 13th Congress, better relations with Japan, and the Japanese Prime Minister's interest in allowing Chinese-Japanese flights over of the Korean Peninsula.

March 26, 1984

Cable from Ambassador Katori to the Foreign Minister, 'Prime Minster Visit to China (Foreign Ministers’ Discussion – The State of the Korean Peninsula)'

A more detailed overview of Wu Xueqian and Abe Shintaro's exchanges on the Korean Peninsula in the aftermath of the Rangoon Bombing.

May 22, 1980

The Issue of the North Korean Invasion of the South

Japan and China discuss the possibility of a North Korean invasion of South Korea.

December 8, 1960

Journal of Soviet Ambassador in the DPRK A.M. Puzanov for 8 December 1960

Kim Il expresses gratitude on the statement of Soviet Union on the issue of the peaceful reunification of Korea. Kim Chang-man mentions the DPRK VNS proposals which stress the peaceful reunification of Korea sweeps through the South Korea. He also reports that the South Korea currently suffer a serious electricity shortage. Ri Gyo-sun says there will be a massive propaganda on DPRK VNS proposals planned to Japan.