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October 20, 1964

Cable from the Chinese Embassy in Mali, ‘Regarding the Matter of Sending a Carving Expert'

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Cable Received by the Foreign Cultural Liaison Committee


[Would the] Relevant Department Please Handle [this Matter]

Grade: Urgent

From [the Embassy in] Mali



Foreign [Culture Committee] Received [Document] #47




Regarding the Matter of Sending a Carving Expert


To the Foreign Cultural Liaison Committee:


The Commissioner of the Malian General Administration of Advanced Arts [Training for] Youth [and I] discussed [the following]: Last year President [Seydou] Keita requested that Chinese jewelry and carving experts [come to Mali]. This year the Art Institute has already enrolled a group of professional students (who will split their time between studying and production). If the Chinese experts do not come, the class will not be able to be started. Therefore, [they are] hopeful that the experts will come. Regarding the question of translation, they said that after [the experts] come [they] can be taught Bambara. As they still hope that an expert can come this year, it would be acceptable to bring a translator who just graduated this year. If it absolutely isn't possible, they would consider having the expert come now and the translator come later. Please promptly [respond] by telegram.


[Chinese] Embassy in Mali

20 October [1964]

Mali asks that Chinese jewelery and carving experts come to the Malian Art Institute.

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PRC FMA 108-01057-03. Obtained by Gregg Brazinsky and translated by Marian Rosenberg.


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