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December 8, 1964

Cable from the Head Office of the All China Handicraft Cooperative

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Foreign Cultural Liaison Committee of the People’s Republic of China


Dispatch [19]64 No. 1831



The government of Mali has again requested that [we] send experts in wood and ivory to teach at the Art Institute of Mali. [They've even] said that this matter was [already brought up] last year at the urging of President [Seydou] Keita. This year, the Art Institute has already enrolled a group of professional [quality] students. If the Chinese experts do not go, the class will not be able to start. Therefore, it is urgent that experts are sent before the year is out. The Art Institute does not have [teachers who are experts in] wood carving or ivory; [they] only have old handicrafts [specialists]. I've already obtained the consent of the Malians to send two skilled workers to the Institute. [We will] apply [the traditional] Master and Apprentice method in our work. Candidate selection is already underway [and the chosen candidates] will be transferred [to Mali] from [the appropriate] handicraft cooperative.


The Malians have not yet mentioned anything regarding remuneration for the two woodcarving experts. I would like [us] to enter into a written agreement with the Malians [but] they have not yet done so. The contract [template] we use will be in accordance with the General Bureau for Economic Relations’ written agreement with Mali on Chinese foreign experts in Mali. The preliminary steps are as follows:


They will work overseas for a period of one-and-a-half years to two years. Their in-country clothing allowance, tool allowance, wages, and travel expenses shall be borne by our side with funds provided by the aid fund of the Foreign Cultural Liaison Committee. During their time working in Mali, the cost of their living expenses and petty cash shall be borne by the Malian side and shall be paid in Malian currency. The Malian side is also responsible for providing room and board, medical care, office supplies, and transportation equipment.


Please advise whether or not the above is acceptable or not.


Head Office of the All China Handicraft Cooperative

8 December 1964


The Malian Art Institute requests Chinese experts in jewelry making and wood and ivory carving


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