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October 31, 1962

Coded Message No. 16065 from Rio de Janeiro

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Return to coding section within 48 hours

Top secret.

No copying

Copy No. 463


Coded message no. 16065

From Rio de Janeiro transmitted Oct. 31, 16.00 hrs received Oct. 31, 19.20 hrs

Received in coding section  Oct. 31, 19.55 hrs


J.H Jędrychowski, Undasko, Gede, Szyr, Rapacki,

Nankowski, Michałowski, Krajewski


Yours 12893.[1]

Please consider that there is an enormous struggle going on around the helicopter transaction to see it through.  In view of the volume of the order and its object, the capitalist competition and the Brazilian competition spare no effort to prevent its placement in Poland. The recent developments in the world made these transactions harder but not impossible.

Our information comes from the method in which the aviation minister runs this project, and who is not an ordinary trade partner;[2] his operations are based, in the first place, on political considerations. Let us recapitulate the information on hand:

1) The transaction is carried out by tow of Santos’s middlemen as far as president Goulart and other offices are concerned.

The Amara firm – along the lines of the Ministry of Aviation and technical organization. Both middlemen [are] necessary. Santos’s commission – 7, Amapa’s[3] – 10 percent. Pleaee authorize.

Turn over.


Code message No. 16165/2

2) As payment for the helicopters we will have to take a sizeable quantity of coffee.

3) The contract will commit us secure deliveries of spare parts and organize their future production in Brazil.

4) It will be an inter-governmental transaction. The contract will be signed in Rio with the Ministry of Aviation, within the framework of the existing agreement.

5) Rough delivery schedule: 12 to 18 months.

6) Amapa representatives, who will arrive at Motoimport on Nov. 11, will discuss the technical details of the transaction and prepare factory visits of the Brazilian delegation.

7) Around November 8–10 5 Brazilian military experts will arrive and after visiting the helicopter factory they will wire the ministers of aviation their opinion about the equipment.

How they are received and how the inspection is organized will largely determine the transactions. We have already confirmed permission for their visit and that their expenses in Poland are covered.  

8) Please send us the names of the members of the Motoimport delegation, as well as the number and date of the note requesting visas for them.

The delegation should be ready to leave and wait for our signal.

9) We are now making efforts to obtain draft contract in order to deliver it to the headquarters for examination even before the Motoimport delegation leaves.

Turn over.

Code message No. 16165/3

10) For reasons cited at the beginning, we are doing our utmost to have the contract signed as soon as possible.

11) All the details and photocopies of documents [have been] sent to Motoimport – treaties in a letter of October 24.

/-/ Ufnal

Outgoing no. 469

Decoded Oct. 31, [19]62, 21.30 hrs

Decoded by Górski – Wocz






[1] Translator’s note: Indicating a response to a message numbered 12893.

[2] Translator’s note: Awkward style in the original

[3] Translator’s note: Mispelled name in the original. Probable reference to the Amara firm mentioned before.

An update on the "enormous struggle" to execute a sale of Polish helicopters to Brazil.


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Szyfrogram from Rio, 1962, 6/77, w-86, t-1316, AMSZ, Warsaw. Contributed by James G. Hershberg and translated by Jerzy Giebułtowski.


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