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Table of Contents: 'Papers of the Higher School of the KGB,' Volume 09, Moscow, 1975, 315 pp.

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Papers of the Higher School of the KGB [ТрудыВысшейшколыКГБ]

Volume 9

Moscow 1975


[Page 312]

Table of Contents

Questions Regarding the Theory of Counterintelligence Activities

Lieutenant Colonel ROZHENTSEV V. P. On the Concept of the Agent Activities of the Special Services of the Adversary … 3

Colonel DOLGOPOLOV Iu. B. Toward the Question of the Concept of the State Security of the USSR … 11

Senior Lieutenant VOLODIN S. V. The Concept and the Essence of the Security of the Soviet state … 21

Lieutenant Colonel MARKIN N. P. Toward the Question of the Activities of the Special Departments Regarding the Search for the Agents of the Adversary in Wartime … 36

Lieutenant Colonel FOMYCHEV B. P and Major TITARENKO V. V. The Warning of the Attacks on the State Security of the USSR … 50

Major IATSUSHKO A. N. Toward the Question of the Concept of Decision-Making, Its Types and Forms … 64

Lieutenant Colonel KAL`MAN V. A. On the Concept of the Scientific-Technical Intelligence Obtained by the KGB … 77

Colonel LUGININ B. V. On the Concept of Covertness and the Structure of Covert Relations … 82

Captain VIAKHIREV I. M. On the Discovery of the Intelligence Officer by the Object of Surveillance … 95

Organization and Practice of Counterintelligence Activities

Lieutenant Colonel URAZLIN A. I. Some Strategic Guidelines for the Combat of the KGB Against the Scientific-Technical Intelligence Collection of the Adversary Performed Through the Use of the International Economic and Scientific-Technical Cooperation with the USSR … 105

[Page 313]

Questions Regarding the History of the State Security Organization

Captain BAZHANOV A. I. From the History of the Extraordinary Commissions of the Northern Caucasus … 112

Lieutenant Colonel PLEKHANOV A. M. Dzerzhinsky and the Press … 128

Special Questions in Legal Sciences

Major D`IAKOV S. V. The Motives and Their Influence on the Voluntary Refusal to Commit State Crimes … 145

Major SUCHKOV Iu. I.  Some Questions Regarding the Definition of Contraband … 160

Major SAMOILENKO P. I. The Legal Assessment of the Disclosure of State or Military Secrets and the Activities of the KGB to Prevent That Crime … 168

Lieutenant Colonel ZHURAVLEV V. F. From the History of the Development of the Soviet Criminal Law Regarding the Responsibility for the Violation of National and Racial Equality ... 176

Colonel KON`KOV N. M. and Major KARASEV Iu. F. On the Question of the Relations of the KGB Investigation Officer with the State Prosecutor and the Head of the Investigation Department in the Process of the Preliminary Investigation … 184

Major KORSHUNOV Iu. Ia. and Major SOBOLEV V. A. On the Concept and the Classification of the Measures of Administrative Coercion Employed by the Units and Military Forces of the KGB … 191

Lieutenant Colonel KIRSANOV Z. I. and Engineer Major RODIN E. I. The Concept of the Criminological Approach and Its Differences from the Operational Approach … 209

Methodology of Training and Education

Captain KULINICH B. F. On the Concept of the “Special Know-How” and the Ways to Develop It During the Educational Process at a Chekist University … 216

Colonel KUPRIIANOV S. A. The Ways to Improve the Field Training of Students … 226

Subversive Activities of the Adversary

Colonel GOROKHOV A. A. and Major-General PIPIIA G. V. The Subversive Activities of the Iranian Intelligence Service Against the Soviet Union … 232

Colonel EROSHIN V. P. The Theory and Practice of the Organization of Political Investigations (The Assessment of the Operational Situation and the Detection of the Objects of Political Repression) … 244

Lieutenant Colonel EREMIN V. N. Bourgeois Intelligence Services and the Law (The Subject of the Investigation and the Approach to the Problem) … 270

Lieutenant Colonel STROTSKIS S. I. The Participation of the Lithuanian Anti-Soviet Emigrant Organizations in the Ideological Diversions of Imperialism … 287


Scientific Research, Critique, and Bibliography

Lieutenant Colonel FROLOV A. P and Captain VEDIAEV A Useful Handbook on Analytical Work (Review of the Monograph by A. A. SHIVERSKY “Some Questions Regarding the Analytical Work of the Counterintelligence Units of State Security”) … 297

Colonel TSVETKOV A. I. The Leninist Principles of Control in the Work of the Institutions of State Management (Review of the Monograph by A. I. CHUGUNOV “The Institutions of Social Control in the RSFSR, 1924-1934”) … 300

Lieutenant Colonel TARAKANOV I. E. and Lieutenant Colonel SABUROV I. V. Some Questions Regarding the Theory and Practices of Detaining the Persons Suspected of Committing a Crime (Based on the Materials of a Scientific-Practical Conference) … 306


The table of contents for volume 9 of Papers of the Higher School of the KGB. Articles relate to the theory and practice of counterintelligence, the history of Soviet state security organizations, training and education,  and  the "subversive activities of the adversary."


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The Genocide and Resistance Research Centre of Lithuania, Translated by Filip Kovacevic.


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