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Bashev, Ivan 1916- 1971

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Popular Documents

January 4, 1968

Report by the Bulgarian Foreign Minister on the Ministerial Meeting in Warsaw on the Situation in the Middle East, 19-21 December 1967

Ivan Bashev presents a report on the CPSU-organized meeting in Warsaw, where Eastern European government officials exchanged views on the situation in the Middle East. Among the discussed topics were the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Yemeni Civil War, and recent developments in Iraq.

December 15, 1970

Memorandum Regarding Bulgarian-Cuban Relations

In a memorandum, Konstantin Tellalov, Head of the Foreign Policy and International Relations Department of the Central Committee of BCP, and Foreign Minister Ivan Bashev evaluate Cuban-Bulgarian relations. Tellalov and Bashev contextualize Cuba's development both nationally and internationally. Cuba's primary concerns are related to its economy (re: housing, rationing, embargo). Cuba's leadership continues to display a limited understanding of Marxism-Leninism, scientific planning (central planning), and the importance of COMECON. Taking into consideration the Bulgarian delegation’s recent visit to Cuba, they stress the importance of Cuba's success and the need for a radical, all-embracing commitment to relations.

June 8, 1967

Memorandum from the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry, Regarding Relations with North Korea

A memorandum listing the Bulgarian Communist Party's explicit interest to rebuild relations with North Korea, which dissolved in 1962 following the North Korean students incident and the declaration of the Ambassador as "person non grata."

February 2, 1966

Information on Latin America and Cuba: Delivery of Weapons to Cuba and Latin America

In a coded telegram to the Central Committee of the German Unified Socialist Party, Dimo Dichev, Head of the International Relations and Foreign Policy Department of the BCP Central Committee, reports on Bulgaria’s military assistance to Cuba and national liberation movements in Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

December 7, 1967

Report to Bulgarian Communist Party Politburo on Preparations for Todor Zhivkov’s Proposed Visit to Cuba

Bulgarian Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivan Bashev proposes a list of Bulgarian government officials to visit Cuba during an official state visit in early 1968.