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France. Embassy (China)

Documents produced by or related to the Embassy of France in the People's Republic of China (PRC).

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Popular Documents

October 10, 1969

Telegram Number 1930-33, 'China and the European Socialist Countries'

Etienne Manac’h reports that although China may soon re-appoint ambassadors to Eastern Europe, officials from Poland and Czechoslovakia are skeptical of China's policies toward their countries.

December 24, 1969

Telegram Number 2592/98, 'China and the German Problem'

French diplomat in Beijing Etienne Manac’h writes that "China is very concerned by the trend towards détente emerging in East-West relations."

May 26, 1975

Telegram, French Ambassador to China Claude Arnaud to French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, No. 998/1000, 'Follow-up to the Visit of M. Deng Xiaoping to France'

French Ambassador Claude Arnaud reports that Princess Ashraf Pavlavi, sister of the Shah of Iran, met with Vice Premier Deng Xiaoping in Beijing. Deng had recently returned from a trip to France and he "advised the princess to make sure that Iran will tighten and deepen its links to France."

November 3, 1970

Telegram Number 4549/52, 'Sino-Hungarian Relations and the Indochina Problem'

Etienne Manac’h, reporting on a thaw in relations between China and Hungary, suggests that the PRC seeks "a greater zone of autonomy vis-à-vis the Soviet Union in Eastern Europe."

October 28, 1969

Telegram Number 2142-08, 'Conversation with the Deputy-Minister of Foreign Affairs (Europe)'

Luo Guibo is curious about developments in West German-Soviet relations and the Conference on European Security, while Etienne Manac’h inquires about China's appointment of ambassadors to Europe.