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Hatoyama, Ichirō 1883- 1959

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Popular Documents

April 23, 1955

Zhou Enlai’s Speech at the Political Committee of the Afro-Asian Conference

Zhou Enlai discussed communist expansion, subversive activities and the prospect of peace, during which he mentioned the relation between Pakistan and China. He also put forth the Chinese motion that the Conference should have a peace declaration of seven points: Mutual respect of sovereignty and territorial integrity, mutual non-adoption of invasive action or threats, mutual non-interference of internal affairs, acknowledgment of racial equality, acknowledgment of equality of countries, recognition of people's right to decide their own political and economic systems, and mutual non-detriment.


Information on Japan’s Participation in the Asian-African Conference

A Chinese report on Japan's participation before the Asian-African Conference. The report observes that the Japanese public paid more attention to this conference than to the previous Bangkok conference and highlighted Tokyo's desire to cooperate with China.

July 27, 1972

Record of the First Meeting between Takeiri Yoshikatsu and Zhou Enlai

Zhou Enlai met with Takeiri Yoshikatsu and he mentioned the international status of Taiwan while claiming that "the realization of relations between Japan and China is the desire of all citizens."

September 14, 1961

Reception by N.S. Khrushchev of Japanese Ambassador H. Yamada, September 14, 1961

The two parties discuss solutions for improving Soviet-Japanese trade relations. Khrushchev expresses concern about Japan's military ties with the US, given that there are US army bases in Japan. Yamada raises the concern of logistical difficulties faced by Japanese businesspeople visiting the USSR. The two parties also discuss Soviet-Japanese treaties and geopolitical relations. 

August 5, 1957

Record of Conversation of N.S. Khrushchev with Vice President of the “Japan-USSR” Friendship Society Kazami Akira

Kazami and Khrushchev discuss the development of Soviet-Japanese relations and Japanese independence. Kazami inquires about the possible participation of Japanese specialist in the industrial development of Siberia. He also asks about the potential transfer of the Kuril Islands to Japan.