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Medvedev, V.

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Popular Documents

May 11, 1989

CPSU Politburo Discussion of the Memorandum of Six Politburo members on the Situation in the Baltic Republics

Discussion of separatist and nationalist sentiment in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

November 18, 1989

Excerpt from Protocol No. 182 of the Meeting of the Politburo CC CPSU, 'On Additional Measures in the Informational Sphere'

Proposal recommending increased openness, freedom of speech, and the end of restrictions on the press in the Soviet Union, including the free distribution of foreign media.

April 26, 1988

Eh. Shevardnadze et al to the CPSU CC, 'Measures to Build the Site of the Burial of Polish officers in Katyn (Smolensk Oblast’) and the Expansion of the Access to it of the Citizens of the PNR and of Other Countries'

Shevardnadze and other Soviet officials propose to create a memorial to Polish officers murdered during the Katyn massacre as well as "Soviet POWs who took part in the exhumation work," and to allow Polish citizens to visit the memorial in Smolensk Oblast’.

December 1958

Agreement between the KGB and the interior ministry of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic on governmental officials' advisory roles

The KGB and the Interior Ministry of the Czechoslovak Republic met to discuss article 8 of the Treaty between the governments of the USSR and CSSR on the broadcast of Soviet specialists in the CSSR and Czechoslovak specialists in the USSR for the purpose of providing technical help and various services. Payment for services rendered is discussed.

November 18, 1989

CPSU CC Protocol #172/9, 18 November 1989

This protocol (dated 19 October 1989) deals with additional measures in the information sphere (telecommunications, etc.)