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Mizil, Paul Niculescu 1923- 2008

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Popular Documents

September 7, 1969

Minutes of Conversation between Ion Gheorghe Maurer, Paul Niculescu Mizil, Zhou Enlai, and Li Xiannian on 7 September 1969

Conversation between Romanian and Chinese representatives. Romanians note that Nixon seemed sincere in his desire to normalize relations with China, and that he believed the Vietnam issue could not be solved militarily. The Romanians believe that Vietnam should pursue the opportunity for talks. Zhou Enlai states that the widespread activity of the USSR proves that the Soviet leaders are "crazy." The Romanians affirm that they would encourage neither the USSR or China to heighten aggression with the other.

October 11, 1966

Protocol No. 34 of the Romanian Executive Political Committee Meeting

This document is an excerpt of the protocol from a Romanian executive political committee meeting during which the recent visit of Paul Niculescu-Mizil and Ion Gheorghe Maurer to the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and China was discussed.

March 18, 1967

Record of Conversations between L. I. Brezhnev and N. Ceausescu, 18 March 1967

Brezhnev and Ceausescu discuss draft versions of a nuclear nonproliferation treaty, arguing about the language used in the deal. They also discuss the creation of an intergovernmental conference of European countries and agree that they should meet more often in the future.

October 3, 1966

Transcript of Discussions Held by Comrades Ion Gheorghe Maurer and Paul Niculescu-Mizil With the Delegation in The Democratic Republic of Vietnam

This document is a transcript of some of the exchanges between Romanian officials Ion Gheorghe Maurer and Paul Niculescu-Mizil and the delegation from The Democratic Republic of Vietnam, including a discussion of certain points of contention within Romanian relations with the Soviet Union and the possible courses of action for Romania regarding the Vietnam conflict.

October 9, 1971

Stenographic Transcript of the Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Central Committee of the Romanian Communist Party (Nixon's Visit to China)

This stenographic transcript of a meeting of the Central Committee of the Romanian Communist Party records a discussion among high-level party members with regard to US President's Nixon visits to Moscow and China in 1971 and the possible impact of these visits on Romania and the rest of the Warsaw Pact member states.