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Popular Documents

July 29, 1989

National Intelligence Daily for Saturday, 29 July 1989

The CIA’s National Intelligence Daily for 29 July 1989 describes the latest developments in Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Honduras, Cambodia, the Soviet Union, China, Chile, Sri Lanka, India, and Panama.

May 1989

Findings of the Commission of the USSR Congress of People’s Deputies to Investigate the Events which Occurred in the City of Tbilisi on 9 April 1989

Report of a commission headed by A.A. Sobchak on the April 9 events in Tbilisi that resulted in the deaths of 19 demonstrators.

January 17, 1990

National Intelligence Daily for Wednesday, 17 January 1990

The National Intelligence Daily for January 17, 1990, discusses the latest developments in the Soviet Union, East Germany, and Iraq. One withheld section of this NID, "Special Analysis: Albania: Intimations of Another Romania," was released in 2019.

September 24, 1963

Report on Visit of the Society of Chinese-Soviet Friendship to the Soviet Union, T. Skvortsov-Tokarin

Report on a tour group of Chinese citizens from the Society of Chinese-Soviet Friendship. The group visited Moscow, Tbilisi, Sochi, Kiev, Riga, and Leningrad. The Soviet guides were frustrated by the groups' argumentative behavior and attempts to speak directly to Soviet workers. The group was especially interested in finding out if Soviet listeners heard broadcasts of Radio Beijing.

April 9, 1989

Telegram from First Secretary of the Georgian Communist Party, Dzhumbar I. Patiashvili to the Central Committee (CC) of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU)

Patiashvili reports on demonstrations in Tbilisi and army attempts to subdue them which resulted in the death of 16 people. Patiashvili requests to impose a curfew in the city to maintain order.